Daeran is glitched, apparently (version 0.5.2i)

So, after the lattest patch, Daeran is all bugged (poor fellow).
I can’t access his spell book, i can open his spell tab only up to level 2 (he had spells up to level 6).
And it only happened to him, everyone else appears to be normal. So, all in all, our oracle got really sick.
Anyone else with this problem or it’s only me?

Question - did you set up metamagic for him, by any chance?

Possibly with the favorite metamagic mythic ability?

See also the thread on disappearing spells.

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Second Mystery doesn’t work either, and they didn’t put any Revelations in his first Mystery either. No idea why he’s in-game in this state. Totally unplayable.

Question, Desiderius - have you played to the end of the beta?

Daeran’s character quest in Chapter 2 gives strong indication that some of his Mystery details may be being concealed for story reasons and I’m wondering if it’s possible that he has revelations that will become available down the road, or something like that. He does have Oracle channel, which is situationally useful for a healer.

Disregard If you have enough info to be sure that isn’t the case. I dont actually know.

The 2nd Mystery thing is definitely a bug.

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Yes to both questions, KrispyXIV.

And apparently other characters with metamagic feats (both have extend magic and the mythic version of the feat) are having some issues. Strangely, in one of them i can’t open up his spell book in the “level 2” tab, but i can cast the previously memorized spells on that level, and the other is the “level 3” tab, in the same situation.
And this started after updating to the lattest version (0.5.2i).

Oh, and every spell that i create now using metamagic feats in both characters doesn’t appear in the “memagic” tab of the spell book. Actually that tab is completely empty now.

No the stuff he already has is great. They just need to include two or three more Life Revelations for him to choose from. If he gets those as he goes he needs to get some before level seven because the only one he can chose there is a complete joke (it gets decent later so would be a nice third choice at that point or whatnot) and you’re forced to choose it unless you pick up a Second Mystery and to add insult to injury those aren’t working either.

And they blow Safe Curing on an item. Which makes sense tbh, I like that you can use it on your healer even if you don’t use Daeran. Lifesense is solid. They’d have to boost Energy Body but would be a cool effect after the Inquisitor stuff at his House.