D&D 4th ED Boardgames

Add this to the “list of things to do while waiting for Kingmaker”.

I just played this on the weekend, and 4th ED rules make a great board-game. It’s very much like a co-op run-and-gun zombie game rather than a dungeon crawl. Stagnation is punished, and there’s almost always a monster on the board to be killing.
Great for buddies to don’t normally play RP, or when you would have to otherwise skip a night due to an absent player.
Boardgame Geek Page for the Temple of Elemental Evil one. It looks like this one in particular has a 13 scenario campaign.

I haven’t played them, but I have Lords of Waterdeep and the expansion and it is awesome.

I’ve played Wrath of Ashardalon and it was so much fun!