Custom portraits unavailable after console update

I am a PC gamer and ever since the update I have not been able to use custom portraits. My old saves still have their custom portraits.

I found myself unable to play anymore because the available portraits dont look like any character i want to make and i just cant make a character with a portrait that does not represent him/her.

I have the full game with every DLC and 80 hours playing Beneath the stolen lands

I uninstalled after the update

Hey @Carent_Marlo . I just started a Beneath the Stolen Lands game with a custom portrait. Did you look at any of the troubleshooting steps around making portraits?

They actually made it a lot easier to create portrait blanks, and then in-game you can click on a thing that opens up the folder where you should put the custom portraits.

EDIT I’m on PC, Steam, so this is the latest version: 2.1.5d


just reinstalling the game … thanks for that

let me look into it


@ Grifta

Got a link?

It looks like this portrait pack gives a some information. Don’t worry about the Eldritch Arcana mod thing, that just gives you an alternate way to view the portraits. Custom portraits work just fine in a completely unmodded game.

If you are making your own and don’t want to dig through your file system, just make a new game -> custom character, and then at the portrait screen click on the Red circled button. To add new portrait blanks, click on the Blue cirlced button

That Blue circled button will only be a right arrow until you get to the end of your custom portrait list, and then it will become a + which adds the blanks.


hey thank you so much for all the effort

Can now play the game again and use custom portraits


What version is the GOG one showing? Steam or GOG doesn’t matter, just the version number.



I got there after i reinstalled , must have been an update fore the keyboard fix.
everything working as it used to with keyboard.

but if i want to use controller i get the console version.
(keyboard was not working so i only had some console version when i uninstalled)

thanks again for taking the time to help me