Custom portrait information

Can some developer kindly write here (with some pictures if possible) example of custom portrait.

  • How many pictures per one portrait?
  • What format to use in these pictures?
  • What are dimensions for the pictures?
  • Where to store them in the game (like “Portrait” folder inside game folder)

So basicly can we get something simular information like this (taken from NWN custom portrait guide)

[i]Basic File Information - Portrait files are images used in various places in the NWN interface. They appear during character creation, are shown on a player’s character sheet, are shown in the “party bar” on the right side of the screen, appear when a creature or object is examined in-game, are shown again if a character talks to an NPC, and are used yet again in the chat window at the bottom of the screen.

Custom portrait files for player characters are kept in the NWN/portraits subdirectory of each player’s installation. Each PC portrait is actually a collection of 5 files, each with the same name (up to 15 characters) followed by a specific letter that denotes its size:
***************h.tga = huge (256x512) - used only during character creation
***************l.tga = large (128x256) - used on the character sheet
***************m.tga = medium (64x128) - your character portrait in the corner, conversations, and when examined
***************s.tga = small (32x64) - used for party members pictures below yours in the party bar
***************t.tga = tiny (16x32) - used in the tab/mouse-over name bubbles and chat window

Each file is saved as an uncompressed, 24-bit “Targa” (.tga) image.

Creating a Portrait: Conversion - The fastest method for creating a new portrait for your character is by converting a standard .jpg image. This does not produce the best quality portrait images, but is, by far, the quickest.

  1. Place a .jpg (for example, “myportrait.jpg”) into your NWN/portraits directory (usually C:\NeverwinterNights\NWN\portraits).
  2. Start NWN, start a new game or load a saved one.
  3. Enter the console command “ConvertPortrait” followed by the name of your image without the file extension.
    • (for example, “ConvertPortrait myportrait”). This will automatically create all the different files needed.

Creating a Portrait: Image Editor - While slower, using a good quality image editor program will result in better cropped and positioned portraits. Such software includes programs such as Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, and (free) GIMP.

  1. Create a new blank image, 256 pixel wide and 512 pixels high.

  2. Mark off the bottom 112 pixels. This space is not displayed by the game and should be left blank.
    The remaining 256 x 400 pixel space at the top is for the actual portrait.

  3. Crop/resize the image of your choice. For image quality, it’s always better to start with a larger image and scale down than to enlarge a smaller image.

  4. Flatten/merge any layers down to a single layer. Targa images do not support multiple layers.

  5. Save your first image in your NWN/portraits subdirectory, with a filename of 1-15 characters, plus “h” at the end (example “myportrait_h.tga”). It needs to be saved as a 24-bit Targa image, or it will not properly display in-game.

  6. Resize/scale your image to 128 x 256 pixels. Save again, this time with the file name ending in “l” (lowercase L) (example “myportrait_l.tga”).

  7. Resize/scale again, this time to 64 x 128 pixels. Save again, this time with the file name ending in “m” (example “myportrait_m.tga”).

  8. Resize/scale again, this time to 32 x 64 pixels. Save again, this time with the file name ending in “s” (example “myportrait_s.tga”).

  9. Resize/scale again, this time to 16 x 32 pixels. Save again, this time with the file name ending in “t” (example “myportrait_t.tga”).

Adding a Portrait - To see your new portrait in-game, all the files for it must be in your NWN/portraits subdirectory. Move them there if you saved your work in another directory. When you start the game next, you’ll be able to select your new portrait during character creation. Unlike existing NWN portraits, it will be available for both male and female characters.

If you are playing a multiplayer game or are on a persistent world, and you want others to see your new portrait, you must get the files to the other players. The images can be compressed into a .zip, .rar, .7z, etc. file and emailed. They can also be uploaded to various websites. Once the files are decompressed onto others’ computers (in their own NWN/portraits subdirectory), they will see your intended image (rather than the default “sepia” portrait for male or female characters).

Now when release is “bit” closer I would like to come back for this topic. So any news?

I am keenly interested in this topic as well. The ability to add custom portraits to the game is a huge upgrade to the immersive aspect of the game when you have a character that doesn’t match any of the other portraits available.

I noticed that there are no portraits available for monks, female human rogues, and many other combinations.

I think there have said we will be able to have custom portrait in game

Yes, there will be custom portraits. The topic is about technical questions.

Some information:
Nevermind (Today time: 12.53)
It’s three images that must have a specific resolution (don’t remember exact numbers right now) and they can be PNG or JPG and I think they must be placed in a special folder. I’ve sent the link to the person who’d actually implemented the feature, so hopefully he’ll have a more complete answer soon

It sounds like neverwinter nights style on how to get your custom portrait

Hi all! About custom portraits. You can prepare three your own portraits with names: Small, Medium and Fulllength. All this images must be saved in PNG format with resolutions:
Small - width: 185px, height: 242px;
Medium - width: 330px, height: 432px;
Fulllength - width: 692px, height: 1024px;

You can use this templates

The gameflow looks like:

  1. Start New game
  2. Choose “Create a new character”
  3. Click on icon “Custom portrait”.
  4. Click on button “Open portraits folder”. (It works for Windows and Mac)
  5. Replace portraits in opened folder or change it in your graphic redactor.
  6. Click “Refresh portraits”
  7. Enjoy your own portraits.

Also it works for custom companions.

Or Baldur’s Gate, which Pathfinder : Kingmaker is a clear legacy of, mechanically speaking… :wink:

Anyone know someone who could make a custom portrait in the game style, get it done before launch and around how much it would cost? Really cant find one that just speaks to me, but maybe i can pay my way out of it.

Ask on Obsidian forums, they have huge community about this or

Agreed their is lots of portraits to pick in

Searched around but hard to find one that really works, either its only the head or its a completely different style.

Can someone please put up the beta portrait of the Male Elf Wizard/Magus. Can’t find it anywhere.

Im not able to get the custom portraits to work, and i see no such icon either.

Portraits need to be manually placed into the Portraits folder with NO SUBFOLDERS. You can’t just extract them with the existing folder structure, the race/class subfolders are provided only for convenience while browsing the portraits.

So: \Owlcat Games\Pathfinder Kingmaker\Portraits\0001\
is OK but: \Owlcat Games\Pathfinder Kingmaker\Portraits\MyPortrait\0001\
is not.