Current (updated) forum UI precludes use of Account/Profil/Search/Menu buttons to access Notifications etc

Heya Mortheim, webdevs,

the current forum UI, with the newly added (non-functional) links to Backer Portal etc has caused a usability bug for the forum:

The Profile/Account button, as well as the Search Function & Menu button in the top right corner of the UI, which is mostly used to access your notifications, currently can no longer be interacted with, it isn’t a usable object anymore.

This happens independent of which part of the forums you are currently browsing, and even a hard reload did not alleviate this issue.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Log in to your account on the forums
  2. Try to interact with the top-right buttons to see your notifications/search/etc
  3. Observe that no interaction is possible, cursor also doesn’t change to interact mode

Reproducibility: 100%
Severity: Medium
Annoyance Factor: High :wink:

Thank you for the report, we are working on it :slight_smile:

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And there ya go, working again.

Good job, and good luck fixing all the issues for the Backer Portal; as I’ve said on Kickstarter already:
Don’t worry about dates, take all the time needed to get it working… especially with account migration and all that sensitive stuff, it’s always better to do it right than fast. =)

I have the very same issue. I have to make a post and click on my name in the post to access my account.

If I never made a post after I created and account, I would not be able to access the account AT ALL. Im sure this affects some backers who cant post at all and confirm this issue so in my opinion …

Reproducibility: 100%
Severity: CRITICAL

Check your Account’s Preference Settings, and in there the Interface Tab if the theme for the forum visual appearance might be set to Custom Graceful; if so, change that to either “Graceful” or “Dark” per your taste and the top-right UI elements will work again.

This worked like a charm. Thank you for the info !

However some people who created accounts and did NOT post a single post cant access their account page as they can only get to that page by clicking on their name on one of their posts and change this so Id be nice if the devs made the ‘graceful’ the default setting and delete that ‘custom graceful’ entry. I also noticed not a single interface difference after changing this setting so this bugged entry is completely redundant.[YOUR USERNAME HERE]/preferences/interface

If those people use this link and add their username where indicated, they’ll be able to access that site.

Thanks for sharing this info for those that dont know. At least they can bypass the bug for now. I hope the ‘Custom Graceful’ entry gets deleted for good to get rid of this bug.