Crusade Auto mode block certain quest progression:

i turned on the crusade auto mode, but now i’ve faced a mythic quest that need crusade managment and i can’t complete it: more specifically the quest is in the Aeon Mythic path and is named “Private Gorvo vs. The Army of Drezen”. it ask me to “instruct my advisors to investigate Damar’s murder” but i of course can’t. so i suppose my mythic quest progression is blocked? and it is: are in the game other quests that need to instruct the advisors?

Me too.
Some side quests and mythical quests can’t be continued.

I also turned on auto mode with the Aeon Mythic path. For the Private Gorvo quest, my advisors investigated it themselves, you just have to givem them some time. When returning to Drezen after a while, they will report the results of the investigation and you will be able to complete the quest.