Critical Gamebreaking Kingdom Management Bug

I am playing on a Surface Book 2 with an Intel Core i7 CPU and and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 GPU.

I have encountered the same bug across every save. When I enter the kingdom management screen, the game ceases to function almost entirely.

It is almost as if my computer no longer registers the UI of the game as existing. All buttons are unclickable and I cannot even send a bug report or quit the game. I have tried numerous solutions, the only one that worked was switching from fullscreen to windowed mode, and that only helped once. Every subsequent occasion, the bug has appeared again.

It is fully game-breaking and blocks the progression of several mythic paths,

I’m honestly kind of desperate for any possible solution.

Verify the integrity of the game files and try to update your graphic card driver.

I have verified the files and reinstalled the game. Nothing has helped.

It appears the bug is because your mouse gets disabled in the crusade mode, and your Surface switches to touch screen only. We are trying to reproduce this now.

Thank you so much. The bug continues to persist across all my saves. I found that using the skip day function and then immediately entering crusade management causes the events to actually appear, but I have found no way to actually select them, effectively barring me from completing the beta with any mythic path that requires a crusade management project.

Have you checked with Owlcat on their Discord channel? It would help you and them greatly I think, if they could remove that kind of bug. They specifically said they were looking for that sort of problems and eager to get any problem report over there.

I seem to be experiencing a similar issue, but on totally different hardware. The entire UI seems to be sort of unresponsive, however, I can hover over things in the map, and I get the hover effect. I can also click on Drezen and a screen pops up, but I am unable to interact with it with the mouse, and hitting escape closes it. Hitting escape does bring up the load/save/exit menu, but those are unclickable too.

That is just temporarily and can be fixed by a restart, right?

This is exactly the same as my issue. I didn’t give these exact examples, but this is what is occurring.

No, restarting does not fix it, nor does starting a new game. The bug has affected me on every save, every time I play.

Not that I’ve found so far. Loading from a save does not fix it. Restarting the game does not fix it. Hitting ALT-Enter to switch back and forth into windowed mode does not fix it. Basically my game is now stuck.

I have the same issue as well, and it’s an extremely annoying bug. I’ve found that if I quicksave then quit to main menu and load the save from the, I can work through crusade events one by one, however this is extremely time consuming and really ruins the flow of the game. I’ve reported the issue several times through the bug reporting in beta, so hopefully they are working on a fix for next release.

I have an external monitor hooked up to my laptop that I usually play on, but I’ve tried on both screens and get the issue on both.

Oh my god! I think I just fixed it. After reading a comment above, I went in a disabled the touchpad on my laptop, and (since the first time since Alpha) it seems to work now!

@Lillkvirran Thank you so much. Not a fix, but a definite work around. I have a small screen display for displaying system statistics (1280x400) that is also a touch screen. Once I unplugged that, then the Kingdom Management screen started to work!

This is the screen:

Obviously something wrong with the engine and it detecting another input device and only using that one. But for now, at least I know what I have to do to bypass the problem.

Update: I’ve determined that I don’t need to unplug the screen to get WotR to work. If I disable the device “HID-compliant touch screen” in device manager, then WotR works and I can still keep the display for output purposes. Since I never use it as a touch device, this is an acceptable work around for me, but I’m sure it is going to cause more issues for other people that may not be able to so easily work around it.

If I disable the device “HID-compliant touch screen” in device manager, then WotR works and I can still keep the display for output purposes.

Yeah, that’s exactly what I did as well. Glad to hear it worked for you as well. If the same ‘fix’ works for both of us, it should hopefully help the dev to narrow down the issue some as well :slight_smile: