Critical, Game Breaking 100% Load Screen bug when leaving Ivory Sanctum

I have the same problem im out of ivoy sanctum and load screen bug in the first ecounter :sweat:

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Joining the convo to report that this bug appeared for me after killing Camellia (occurred after patch 1.0.3c).

When initiating a battle with demons army on the campaign map, load screen progresses slowly and hangs at 100%, can’t progress.

Quick update - I reloaded a previous save, dealt with Camellia but did not loot her amulet (as ikarius notes above), and that seemed to resolve the problem for me. No loading issues moving forward.

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I had this issue but couldn’t figure out where I had gone wrong. Luckily I came and checked this post and hadn’t really done much of anything so didn’t lose a lot at all. I think it may be tied to items that can’t be removed from the NPCs inventory?

I killed the companion in the abandoned house where they were doin the dirty, and looted all when I left to get all my gear back and it bugged. Taking all the gear off them before I started the encounter and not touching the body after they were dead fixed the issue completely. Really weird bug, will be very careful if I need to kill a companion moving forward, although I hope not I put a lot of work into that one :frowning:

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I have this same bug, but it isnt after the sanctum (im in chapter 5). For me it happens whenever i complete a quest then return to the world map and try to load into any area or army battle. I have a save right before the bug occurred and have reloaded and completed like 3 different quests (lanns final quest, regills final quest, and daerans final quest) and get the same result every time.

Can confirm going to an old save and not killing Greybor fixed the issue for me. Now I’m hitting a bug where an hq event isn’t triggering instead :confused:

There is another workaround using ToyBox (but IDK if it breaks something later in the game):

using toybox, you can bring the dead friend in question into your party, then you can respec them, this brings them back to life, you are then able to leave the map and it no longer will load forever apon entering a new map

I am having this issue as well, where encounters never finish loading after cleaning out and leaving Ivory Sanctum. I did kill Greybor. Heck no am I doing all of that again.

Or… Owlcat could do their job as the developer and… fix the issue.

Two days of complete radio silence, not even a response to these comments… not a tweet… nothing. It isn’t even listed as a KNOWN ISSUE in the patch notes for 1.0.3d which went live today.

This game is amazing, for the most part - but Owlcat’s lack of response and transparency, and speed in fixing these game-breaking bugs is unacceptable.

I have not ran into this issue yet, but as a large backer I wanted to voice my concern. This is why so many of us requested a delay in release…you have an amazing game here, do not let bugs ruin it.

This is obviously a serious run ending issue for anyone who chooses that path and needs remedied immediately or you can bet media will pick up on it and emphasize that much like kingmaker was at it’s release…this game is not ready to purchase.

i have the same issue but its after you find out camellias secret


after i dealt with her and looted everything off her my load times are super long and even if they hit 100 they dont load

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I had the same issue - I reloaded a previous save, dealt with Camellia but did not loot her amulet (as ikarius notes above), and that seemed to resolve the problem for me. Hopefully it’ll work for you?

I have the same bug, same location.

Killed Greybor and looted him. The game is totally blocked.

Last manual save was ages ago… a patch is the only hope I have to continue this run.

Adding another voice, Camellia’s demise did the same thing for me. Not looting the amulet did seem to work, but I won’t play any more until there’s a fix in case it has invisible repercussions.

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Here to say the same thing happened to me. I had no apparent issues after looting camellia, but after killing and looting Greybor and then clearing IS and trying to leave, I am stuck on this loading screen. I tried to load a save from before the IS and kit still gives me this loading screen. The game is completely unplayable.

This is on top of countless bugs in combat that I have had to work around. Spells not working, kineticist class not working, characters locked out of open doors in combat, etc. It’s totally infuriating and depressing, the game has potential to be great but it’s absurdly buggy. And now just unplayable.

Well fuck I dont have a save before looting… Not within 40 hours at least :\

Did this get stealth-fixed? I loaded up my playthrough that hit this after killing Camellia and now everything is loading fine, even with her necklace in my inventory.

Yup it did :slight_smile:

Convenient timing for me lol

Wouldn’t it be nice if the developers replied to this thread. Or mentioned it as a known issue in the patch notes yesterday? Or, hell… fixed it… and… SAID SOMETHING?

ANY sort of communication from them would be lovely. This radio silence nonsense is not acceptable. Especially since we’re essentially beta testing their game for them and not being paid for our time. The testing I did, that has helped many people at least somewhat recover their saves (in the absence of ANY communication from the developers) took HOURS. And Owlcat can’t even be bothered to acknowledge it’s a known issue in patch notes, or acknowledge it’s been fixed (if it has) so that people can go back to using their saves that were previously bricked.

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