[Critical Bug] New Forum - Cant reply anymore ? Guide how to!

Hello all,

the updated forum disallowed me to click on the ‘Reply’ button as well as the ‘Maximize’ and ‘Close’ buttons but both only after minimizing a post, meaning the 3 buttons at the bottom of the page are unable to be pressed.

Additionally, clicking on text written in the lowest line as well as half the 2nd lowest line is impossible as well.

When this happens, for Firefox, rightclick on the one of the inaccessible buttons and select ‘examine element’ or whatever it reads then expand:

  • <section id="main" ...
  • <div id="ember4" ...

Now click on the entry:

  • <div id="reply-control" ...

… and in the ‘examine element’ area on your right there should be a header called ‘box-model’ or similar with a colored model.

The value we want to change there is the topmost position which is set to ‘auto’ and gives a value E.g. of -33.3333. Just set this value to 0 or something else and the reply box should raise past the bottom of the screen, making the 3 buttons accessible.

Problem is you now cant write yourt post anymore so if you want to continue to write the post, set the value back to ‘auto’ and it should drop the reply area back to the bottom.



Edit: Owlcat, there is a fog-like effect at the bottom (and top ?) of the screen in your new forums. This effect prevents the pressing of buttons that are, in my opinion, set behind (!) the fog-like effect. Maybe this helps in solving the matter faster.

You can reproduce this if you scroll the page, E.g. this page, up until buttons are under the fog-like effect. When this is the case the buttons cant be pressed anymore.

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I’m having the same problem, I can only reply by pressing Ctrl-Enter

Fixed. Is it better now?


Fixed (+20 characters)

@Smetanka: It is not fixed.

This should normally be in the bugs section, but since it’s ignored there, I’ll try here…

  1. Top menu and buttons are still not working:

That means that for now, I can’t access my menu or change any option :frowning:

  1. Badges, reply formatting options and other things unreadable:


Can you go to you preferences -> Interface and switch to Owlcatgames theme for now? We’ll see if we can do anything about that theme, but it’s the engine default, so I’m not sure.

It’s the theme I got when creating my account, and that’s also the only theme that was working for me (before the update, and with the update we couldn’t post anymore so I reverted to that one again).

I can’t access my menu anymore, so preferences are not accessible. When I put my mouse over my avatar on the top right, it doesn’t change into a hand, it doesn’t see the link. Same for the looking glass (search) or the triple bars (menu).

Or could you just reset my theme? Thanks for your help! The blue theme isn’t as nice without the paper effect and all that, but if that’s the only one working now, I’ll use it.

PS: aren’t those forums under Site Feedback / Bug Reports used anymore? I see no reply to the last posts at least, including those I posted long ago. Should we report forum problems elsewhere?

I posted a work-around here: [Forum Bug] Top menu & preferences not accessible? Workaround here

This blue theme is a bit weird. The items are white, while the main text is light blue on dark blue (see below). It makes it quite hard to read and is straining for the eyes. I really hope you can fix the default theme. Also, dark text on light background is preferable for the eyes, it offers a better contrast, especially during the day. Any ophtalmologist will tell you that :slight_smile:


Whatever has been fixed, it now works for me.

Why I posted this here ? Because I think the most people, possibly including Owlcat (?), dont know, use this section and so almost exclusively. That and people that encounter this bug having no ability to post a bugreport, even in the correct Forum Feedback thread and due to the severity of the Bug, I decided to post it here instead. Sorry for the inconvenience.

And thanks for fixing it. Fog-like area is now behind clickables.


Edit: Correction: Fog-like area is behind ‘some’ clickables. The tags at the bottom of the last reply, meaning: Share / Bookmark / Flag / Reply and below them, Suggested Topics, are all still behind the fog-like area.

Strangely, the dropdown-tag ‘Normal’ is in front of the fog-like area despite being surrounded by clickables still being behind it. A bit of a mess actually so might wanna include really everything clickable to set in front of the fog.

You can just scroll up to see if you can click on the various things you should be able to click on. Its not that difficult to find clickables behind the fog.


Edit2: Another correction: While the tags at the bottom of the last reply, meaning: Share / Bookmark / Flag / Reply, are all behind the fog and not clickable, their symbols are clickable.

I dont think this is intended behaviour as the same-styled dropdown-tag ‘Normal’ has its full tag area, meaning everything inside the orange rectangle including the text, in front of the fog.

Yes, that’s what I meant, it wasn’t a reproach. I had reported a few problems over there, but either they have never read them, or they didn’t care to answer. Posting “where the action is” was probably the way to go :wink:

Perhaps because it’s far at the bottom of the sub-forum list, who knows.

I found that some of the symbols can be clicked if you placed your mouse carefully, there is one “active” line where it’s possible - at least that was the case for the default theme.

Now I’m relying on the keyboard shortcuts, and I’m back to the default theme which looks way better than this barely readable dark-on-dark theme (sorry to criticize but I did offer to help, after all).