Covenant of the Inheritor?

Been seeing a few mentions of this around the forum, but still have no idea what to do to actually get this item? Is it in Kenabres?

No, you will either be able to get it assembled in chapter 2 or 3 from the Storyteller

Ah, sound. Do you know what I actually have to do to get it assembled?

Edit: From what I gather I was supposed to have found some item in Kenabres that the Storyteller could later convert into the Covenant but I have no idea what or where that item is

Shard of a Holy Symbol, 5x Magical Essence, talk to Storyteller.

The required item has a broken ring icon, located in a burining builidng in the market square of Kenabres that has a fire bomb throwing demon inside (SW part of the map)

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Sound, thanks a load! Somehow missed it there, probably cause after my first playthrough I ended up mostly ignoring the houses in the market in order to blast through Act 1 and test out the other Mythics