Controller not working

I get this message every time I press a button on my Xbox One gamepad:

The Gamepad Plugged. To change the control type, please, exit to the main menu.

I exit to the main menu and there is no option to change the control type. I see the large “A” on the loading screen, but when I push “A” on the controller, nothing happens.

Ok, I solved my problem. I had to enable Big Picture Mode, and enter controller settings. I enabled Xbox Configuration Support. It shows my Xbox One Controller in Detected Controllers.

I then exited out of controller settings and went to Pathfinder Kingmaker and selected Manage Game. Then I selected Controller Configuration. From there I selected Templates and just chose the basic Gamepad Template. I then exited back to the game menu and pressed play.

Everything works perfectly now.

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Can you press down on R or L to enable tooltips or change between turnbased or RTWP modes? I can’t .

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No, it does not work for me either. I have Turn Based selected in the options. I was wondering if I set it to RTwP, if that would let me turn it on and off.