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It is probably too late in the writing process for you to do anything about this if you haven’t already, but a major weak point of the source material is that forces like Hellknights etc., which are regularly referred to in setting material as contributing to the crusades in the Worldwound, are basically absent. It may not have been the feel the original developers were aiming for, but I thought it was a missed opportunity to not have uncomfortable alliances with what would ordinarily be antagonists in the face of the greater threat of the demon hordes. I note that the mythic paths unlocked so far do not include anything devil related - hopefully there is a stretch goal that will remedy this.

We’re getting a gnome hellknight for a companion (and I’d put good money on Hellknight being a Prestige Class), so that may hint at representation from Cheliax and the Devils, who I’m sure don’t want Deskari to take over the world any more than the Paladins and Clerics of Mendev do.

Still, a Devil Mythic Path would be perfect for those of us who’d want to be Lawful Evil.

A gnome hellknight? Regimentation and harsh discipline are a…novel strategy to beat the bleaching, I suppose.

I’m clearly missing an information source as I didn’t have any information about companions when I made the initial post.

One thing that would be interesting (but probably difficult for the developers due to the way levelling up is handled in CRPGs) would be to make access to prestige classes dependent on quests so you can actually have things like the Hellknight initiation where you have to fight a devil in single combat rather than just “I’m level X and have the necessary feats”. This works in things like Skyrim because there is effectively no level cap, but isn’t really as practical for a game based in DnD/Pathfinder.

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I found it on Facebook posts on December 25 (where they showed the image of this guy)
and December 27, where they confirmed that he is, indeed a Hellknight. We still don’t know his name, motivation, etc though.

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He looks… bleached to me.

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Bleached or almost there. Hair’s still purple, but you can see that it’s starting to grey.

I didn’t catch him in the picture at first. It will be interesting to hear from his dialog whether the bleaching started before or after he became a hellknight.

I was genuinely disappointed about evil path in Pathfinder Kingmaker, it wasn’t evil enough but irrational and basically not clever options for a main character. I hope in new game you can develop more interesting character without loosing all the privileges and companions approval. Evil can be sneaky!

Lawful evil tends to be a bit hard to write it seems to me, which is a shame as I love it as a character concept. The Scrivener who sets up complex documents which damn entire towns, nobles who has forced the underground thieves guilds to work against their political rivals, even the Hellknight who mercilessly peruses the law to particularly dark ends “A child is not above the law, even if they are starving the punishment for theft is his hand.” “It does not matter if you were going to die you are enslaved for 20 years I will personally hunt you down if you run again.”

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The key problem for a game alignment system is that externally they will often do many of the same things as a LN or even LG character, just for different reasons. In Kingmaker, I don’t actually agree with some of the LE dialog choices - recruiting the various bandits into your army as “tax collectors” strikes me as more neutral evil- you generally encounter them in the act or immediately after, so they’re criminals in your kingdom who’ve been harming your assets, and they’re probably also unreliable - lots of LE rulers would kill them.

In terms of WotR and evil characters losing approval, I suspect that may be a problem as the majority of NPCs are likely to be good, and others will need careful managing (there’s at least one where allowing her to revert back to evil is probably a major problem).

If Seelah is the iconic participant, I wonder if you can cause her to fall and become a blackguard? I think there was a lawful evil antipaladin equivalent at one point (not sure if it was 3.0/3.5 or Pathfinder, mind).

Intelligent, calculated and refined - Whereas the Paladin is mocked for being Lawful Stupid it seems that no matter what flavour of Evil you end up being Dumbass Evil complete with twirling mustache and OTT sillyness