Console Resting Question

Can someone please explain the time ribbon at the top of the resting interface. I have looked everywhere and cannot find an explanation of how it works. I can adjust it before the rest and after. I see where the time of day is but the selector has 2 different numbers and i cannot figure out how to choose which time i want to end at. Pleease help!

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You can’t choose when your rest will end. It will take at least 8 hours, but probably more, if you assigned someone to hunt instead of using supplies. It will depend on what the hunter rolls on the nature check. 8 hour rest is what the casters need to restore spells, and other characters need to restore health.

So what does adjusting the time do? The time adjustment ribbon at the top of the interface can be adjusted and the numbers on the marker do not correspond with the actual time of day.

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Bump. Please, does anyone know what adjusting the time at the top of the resting interface actually does? Its not explained anywhere and i cant find any info about it.

I am similarly curious. Adjusting it forward or backward from it’s default position has resulted in rests that do not consume rations or reset fatigue, no matter what other options I choose.

Have largely avoided changing it since, as it was incredibly difficult to reset it in a way that would achieve a real rest. Mysterious!

Yeah. I have no problem resting i just want to know what it does as i cannot find an explanation anywhere.

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  1. Where can we look up the actual time of the day?

  2. What is this marker for every day on 12 o’ clock? I mean what is it’s meaning, what is it used for?

  3. The upper count number seem to refer to the time most left of the graphical representation of the time bar and count up endlessly. Is this the actual time of day??

  4. The lower count number seem to refer to the marker line and will count up to a maximum of 24 hours (until it reaches 12 o’ clock) of the next day and so on.

  5. We are able to remove or add hours. So there must be a reason behind this, why one would do this. The developers of the game introduced this feature on purpose, but what purpose is it.
    What will it affect??

There is round clock between menu (Icons for camping, inventory, inspect etc.) and party portraits. Clicking it pauses game, if you leave mouse over it for while it will show date and time.

Probably for few quest (I think there are only 3) where you need to be in location at specific day or at specific time of day.

Thank you WiseRaven,

however you may have missed that this thread is about the console version of the game. Even if there is a mouse pointer mode on console, there’s still no tooltip or popup window that shows up when hovering over this round hourglass graphic with the mouse cursor.

  1. Easy: We can’t. The option is missing on console.

  2. The marker marks the start of a new day. The graphic and the numbers of the bar seems to be plain wrong and die marker marks actually midnight.

  3. The upper number shows of many hours you will rest.

  4. The lower number shows the time, you will wake up.

I actually tested this: I put the clock-arrow on midday, i.e. at 13 (1:00 PM) in the graphic, where the sun was high up in the air. The lower number in the arrow showed a “1” (1:00 AM). I used rations, so no extra time was added. When I woke up, everything was dark. It was night. So just ignore the graphic. The marker marks midnight and die arrow shows the time, you will wake up ob that day.
Better: just ignore the complete interface.
It is propably a remnant from an early stage of development. Even on the PC, many don’t know what to do with it.

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Thank you Glubsch,

so you’re telling me this is basically nothing but useless waste!? Hopefully they will fix it in an upcoming update. It make it look like an unfinished piece of software, alpha stage in development or something in my opinion; not very professional impression left on me…

Welcome to what we PC player are struggling with, for most console ports.

I don’t think they’ll ever fix that.
Maybe the time and date will be added if there is another patch but as I wrote: The interface is not very understandable even on the PC and probably just a remnant of an older build.

The only reason why it’s still there are the two or three quests for which you have to visit a location at a certain date.

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