Confirmed companions

kinda weird as her art doesn’t seem to look white-hair. abit grim dark with the crow if you asked me. in the official poster there’s a white hair cleric. she don’t look like ember at all.

Yeah, she’s creepy. I will not take her with me. :fearful:

Have to disagree. While there’s no doubt that there’s going to be npc breads and beastfolk, the last unknown companion is also our last romance option, of the initial four romances as well. There’s no way that they’re going to waste time making extra companions that they’re not going to use, out of stretch goal races that there was no guarantee we were going to reach, and that voting hasn’t even begun.

Her identity being Ember was already confirmed by Owlcat. It’s just that the whole lightning of Ember’s portrait is tinted in orange/red due to the raging flames of the background. :slight_smile:

Male players need female romance
Male players need male romance
Female players need male romance
Female players need female romance

imagine outrage Owlcat introduces gay only romance, especially since men are more outrageous by gay romance and male gay romance - don’t do it Owlcat

In regards to the last companion, from the “Things we Know about The Sequel to Pathfinder: Kingmaker” thread.

I’m not sure which source they got this from, but it true then it sounds to me that the last companion is a Winter Witch from Irrisen. As much as I would like that to be true (big fan of the snow lady ascthetic) I have reason to doubt it. Chiefly, it would mean that we would have two witch companions, which I’m rather skeptical they would do.

But will there be also an outrage if Owlcat introduces romance to the Intelligent Weapon companion? Think of it: both male and female players could finally romance a character without any gender! :wink:

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people still won’t be overly happy.

We had two cleric and inquisitor in last game.

I know that; I’m just not entirely sure they’ll do it again. I’d be more than happy to be proven wrong though, since having a Winter Witch both be in the party and be a romance option would be fantastic.

We need to think not only classes but allso aligments.

What party need is most likely:

  • healer
  • tank / front line “fighter”
  • long range support / attack person
  • “blaster” / mage / area damage dealer

So we need in theory 2 each of them, one for “good” and another for “evil” party. Or one neutral atleast.

We have:

  • Seelah + Regil (kind of same coin, different sides melee frontliners)
  • Lann (I guess good? Atleast great great parents were crusaders so…, ranged support) + Arueshalae (ranged support, another side of the coin)
  • Ember (good, can heal, make area spells but “child like” so most likely you might use her in your evil party?) + Camellia (maybe another side from the coin vs Ember, she can heal but Shaman is not cleric really)

There are some others but not enough info (taken from here: )

That Aasimar Oracle is most likely “good” healer. Naturally all things can change now when we have more classes and races so who knows…

Funny you should mention alignments. Owlcat recently released an ‘evil’ version of the coverart, with a Lich instead of an Angel, Camellia and Daeran instead of Seelah and Ember repsectively, and Arushalae in clothes which show a lot more skin (also the soldiers are now skeletons. Lann and Regill are still there, unchanged.

Regill’s a Hellknight, so he’d be more accepting of evil actions (so long as they’re lawful). Arushalae seems to have fallen off the redemption wagon and back into demonhood. Daeran’s description made him sound rather dickish, so he might be willing to stick around evil players. Caemllia hides her alignment, and I suspect she’s secretly some form of neutral. Lann’s a monk, which requires a lawful alignment, and since he’s with both an Angel and a Lich, I suspect he’s lawful neutral.


Daeran now really doesn’t seem to be good aligned to me: black/red clothes, dark purple magical energy and a swarm of locusts gushing out of it as it were a portal of sorts.

My guess is that Daeran has the Planar Oracle archetype. Although Possessed Oracle could be a thing as well. As for his curse? Dunno. Scourge may be a fit.

Daeran’ s description was pretty self-centered. Wouldn’t surprise me if he was neutral evil.

That is why I always suggest making all romances bi so it’s fair to all and they don’t have to spend much time and resources into making exclusively gay or straight romances.

Not sure if the other is Camilla. If so then she seems that she can be evil too.

the other is definitely Camellia*, not Camilla.

It’s Caemllia. Her portrait came with the Shaman update on Kickstarter.

We know that she hides her alignment, but that doesn’t necessarily make her evil; she could be neutral. Either way, she’s okay with you becoming a Lich.

Anything is known about the latest two unannounced companions?

It could be an Octavia/Regongar situation where you can break them up to get with Sosiel? That would make him the m/m option, Lann the m/f option, Arueshalae the f/m option and Daeran and Camellia going both ways (because of the stretch goal).