Confirmed companions

ok i’ve been checking out on the confirmed companions (vanilla before stretch goals) has 10 companions:

regill - gnome wielding hook hammer (official art)
white hair female wizard (kicstarter video)

woljif is a stretch goal so it’s not counted.

so the last one has yet to be revealed… now play the guessing game?

PS. from pax east video… so possible sosiel and greybor. so all companions seems to be revealed.

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And with of them are romacable? Arueshalae is one of options?

Regill is the gnome wielding the hook hammer. He’s also a Hellknight.

There’s really two companions that have yet to be officially introduced, though I’d put good money on Greybor the dwarf assassin that appeared in PAX gameplay, since he also has a stand-in portrait.

before the romance stretch goals… they have 4 romance options. i’m guessing… 2 male.s. 2 females
so with stretch goals daeran and camellia confirmed… i think total are 6 romances.

female i would say arueshalae. not sure about ember. if ember is out then will be the white hair wizard?
for male… i would say lann very much confirmed… and woljif possibly?

didn’t know that the hook hammer wielding gnome is actually regill. yeap with the stand-in portrait greybor is a possibility. if that’s the case then there’s one last companion that has yet to be revealed.

He is from stretchgoals, so it less possible.

with much of the confirmed companions… i’m a little sad that there are few that i like didn’t make it. i like a few good mixes of race. imrijka (half orc), shadra (female dwarf) … enora (halfling).

well since regill is a gnome… they covered small size… if greybor is in… then there’s dwarf. imrijka will be great of a half-orc i said. well maybe they are not going with orcs anymore since PKM has regongar?

Ember is the white-haired elf. Other companions will likely be an Oread and one beastfolk companion for the upcoming race poll winner.

Those are all Iconics, and we already have Seelah. Flooding the party with more is rather limiting. If they ever make a Carrion Crown game, then Imrijka would be perfect for it.

Moving on: going to have to second Jack_Mantel here. If they had four initial romance options from the beginning, then Woljif as a stretch goal is unlikely to be one of them (even if he was both an early stretch goal and an easy one to reach).

My personal romance predictions are as follows.

Arushalae could romance a player in the original AP, so she seems a natural choice here.
Caemllia is already confirmed via stretch goal, but was not one of the initial options.
Ember is confirmed to not be a romance (because that would be creepy).
Seelah has been confirmed to not be a romance (because she’s an Iconic)
There is still one female companion missing, and though process of elimination, she’s the romance option.

Daeran is confirmed via stretch goal, but was not one of the original four.
Solsiel I find highly unlikely, as he had a love interest from the original AP.
Lann I find extremely likely, since he’s rather attractive for a mutant.
Regill is unlikely, since he’s both a Hellknight, and a gnome (short race npcs usually don’t get much love) and he’s bleaching. (I could be wrong though)
Woljif as mentioned previously was a stretch goal, and is unlikely to be a romance option as a result.
Greybor seems likely to be a companion (he has a placeholder portrait), and, through process of elimination and a subversion of the “short race npc get no romance” I think he’s the next romance option.

Again, if Owlcat already had companions planned out at the start, then it’s unlikely that they’re any of the stretch goal races. Also the last unknown companion is most likely our romance option, and I doubt their race isn’ already decided.

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would be cool, but chances is very low. qಥ_ಥp

I think it is more than likely that Owlcat has already drafted one character for each beastfolk. And will then go with the representative of the won race.

kinda weird as her art doesn’t seem to look white-hair. abit grim dark with the crow if you asked me. in the official poster there’s a white hair cleric. she don’t look like ember at all.

Yeah, she’s creepy. I will not take her with me. :fearful:

Have to disagree. While there’s no doubt that there’s going to be npc breads and beastfolk, the last unknown companion is also our last romance option, of the initial four romances as well. There’s no way that they’re going to waste time making extra companions that they’re not going to use, out of stretch goal races that there was no guarantee we were going to reach, and that voting hasn’t even begun.

Her identity being Ember was already confirmed by Owlcat. It’s just that the whole lightning of Ember’s portrait is tinted in orange/red due to the raging flames of the background. :slight_smile:

Male players need female romance
Male players need male romance
Female players need male romance
Female players need female romance

imagine outrage Owlcat introduces gay only romance, especially since men are more outrageous by gay romance and male gay romance - don’t do it Owlcat

In regards to the last companion, from the “Things we Know about The Sequel to Pathfinder: Kingmaker” thread.

I’m not sure which source they got this from, but it true then it sounds to me that the last companion is a Winter Witch from Irrisen. As much as I would like that to be true (big fan of the snow lady ascthetic) I have reason to doubt it. Chiefly, it would mean that we would have two witch companions, which I’m rather skeptical they would do.

But will there be also an outrage if Owlcat introduces romance to the Intelligent Weapon companion? Think of it: both male and female players could finally romance a character without any gender! :wink:

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people still won’t be overly happy.

We had two cleric and inquisitor in last game.