Confirmed Archetypes + Classes

Wanted a nice and easy way to see all of the archetypes confirmed so far and maybe do a little speculation on the most likely of the unannounced archetypes that could make an appearance for this particular Adventure Path. I will update this as we continue to learn new information.

Words in Bold are new to Wrath of the Righteous.

Alchemist: Chirurgeon, Grenadier, Vivisectionist
Barbarian: Armored Hulk, Invulnerable Rager, Mad Dog
Bard: Archaeologist, Dirge Bard, Flame Dancer, Thundercaller
Cavalier: Beast Rider, Disciple of the Pike, Gendarme, Knight of the Wall, Standard Bearer,
Cleric: Crusader, Ecclesitheurge, Herald Caller,
Druid: Blight Druid, Defender of the True World, Feyspeaker
Fighter: Aldori Defender, Armiger, Dragonheir Scion, Mutation Warrior, Tower Shield Specialist, Two-Handed Fighter
Inquisitor: Monster Tactician, Sacred Huntsmaster, Tactical Leader
Kineticist: Dark Elementalist, Kinetic Knight, Overwhelming Soul, Psychokineticist
Magus: Eldritch Archer, Eldritch Scion, Sword Saint
Monk: Scaled Fist, Sensei, Sohei, Traditional Monk, Zen Archer
Paladin: Divine Guardian, Divine Hunter, Hospitaler, Martyr, Warrior of Holy Light
Ranger: Flame Warden, Freebooter, Stormwalker
Rogue: Eldritch Scoundrel, Knife Master, Thug
Shaman: Possessed, Spirit Hunter, Spirit Warden, Unsworn Shaman, Witch Doctor
Skald: Battle Scion, Court Poet, Demon Dancer, Herald of the Horn, Hunt Caller
Slayer: Arcane Enforcer, Deliverer, Spawn Slayer, Vanguard
Sorcerer: Empyreal Sorcerer, Sage Sorcerer, Sylvan Sorcerer
Warpriest: Champion of the Faith, Cult Leader, Disenchanter, Feral Champion, Shieldbearer
Witch: Hagbound, Hex Channeler, Ley Line Guardian, Stigmatized Witch, Winter Witch
Wizard: Arcane Bomber, Exploiter Wizard, Scroll Savant, Thassilonian Specialist

Prestige Classes:

Aldori Swordlord
Arcane Trickster
Dragon Disciple
Eldritch Knight
Mystic Theurge
Stalwart Defender
Student of War
Winter Witch

Special Animal Companion Archetypes: Bodyguard, Charger, Draconic

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Winter Witch is also one of the Witch’s confirmed archetypes. The prestige class of the same name has it as a prerequisite.

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Are Witches/Winter Witches gender locked?
Or any of the other classes for that matter?

Unsworn Shaman, Witch Doctor, Possessed, Spirit Hunter, Spirit Wardens are all shaman archetypes.

Have all the kingmaker archetypes confirmed? Druid has 2 fey themed archetypes. Defender of the true world seems especially out of place going against demons.

I’m hoping that this list isn’t complete, or if so not final…

With Lich as Mythic Path, why does the Witch not have her Gravewalker Archetype? :sob:

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I was hoping for gunslinger. Well maybe in next game…

As far as I know Embers Witch Archetype is Stigmatized Witch as seen in the GamePlay Vid.

There are 6 archetypes per class plus the racial archetypes so gravewalker may be in.

The Archetype Owlcat created for one of the companions is the stigmatized witch.

++++++++1 I wonder as well. Feyspeaker and defender are so out of place.

I hope so… would be such a wonderful starting class to build up to the Lich Mythic Path.

For the Hunter (which undoubtly will be achieved with slacker backers): I hope Verminous Hunter will be in. That would be like the perfect archetype for Swarm-That-Walks… even more than Blight Druid at that!

I’m thinking new archetypes for existing classes will focus on

  1. anti-demon
  2. mounted combat
  3. mythic path interaction

Hmm, Dragonheir Scion gets an enhanced Arcane Strike?..can it maybe be used with bows too? May have found a new favorite.

But soon i will have found a new cool thing i wish i could also have…

Wondering what the all the racial classes will be.
Especially the Oread and Beastfolk.

Stonelord Paladin Dwarf and Spell Dancer Magus Elf are both confirmed as well for racial archetypes. Student of Stone Monk Oread is probably in the game as well, as it’s literally the only available racial archetype for Oread (minus the summoner one, but summoner isn’t in the game), but since Owlcat could technically make original racial archetypes I guess we shouldn’t call it confirmed quite yet.

Also, I’m not entirely sure the Winter Witch archetype or the Assassin and Hellknight prestige classes are confirmed at the moment. The Winter Witch prestige class was confirmed, but people only assume the archetype is in the game because having that archetype is typically a prerequisite to taking the prestige class. While it’s kinda fair to assume it’ll be in the game, Owlcat could simply change the prerequisites, so it’s not technically confirmed.

As for Hellknight, it’s…probably in the game, but I think Owlcat has simply mentioned one of the Hellknight orders being in the game and did not directly mention the prestige class itself. This one might be safe to call confirmed though.

Assassin is the one I’m the most surprised to see here though. I’ve seen people say multiple times that Assassin has been **DE-**confirmed, but your list says the opposite. Regardless though, I’ve never actually seen where Owlcat has commented one way or the other on this. If someone could provide a link or point out where it was said before, one way or the other, I’d appreciate it.

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Hoping that they add the Divine Commander for the Warpriest, perfect for mounted combat and large scale combat.

Such an abundance of classes and archetypes, I will definitely be stuck for a long time on creating a character.

One of the companions is Paralictor Regill a LE Hellknight Gnome so it is pretty safe to assume that the Hellknight class is in the game

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