Computer shuts down when saving or exiting game

So, a couple months ago, my computer started shutting down occasionally when saving or exiting to desktop, and I have no idea what’s causing it. This doesn’t happen every save or exit, sometimes I can play for several hours and it never happens, other times it’s every other save. Added bonus, the save file that I’m saving to gets deleted so I’ve lost progress a couple times before I figured that out. Happens with both manual saves, quick saves, and autosaves.

I’ve done heat checks, updated drivers, run borderless, verified file integrity, uninstalled and reinstalled, deleted older saves, and nothing works. And I’m at a loss. Can anyone provide advice? I have located the .dmp files too if those would be helpful.

Is it only with this game or just “random crashes” time to time?
One thing what you want to check is when you last time (re)installed your OS / cleaned your register?

I suggest to download Ccleaner (it is free) and go for:
Registery => Scan for Issues => Fix Selected Issues

If nothing more it atleat make your computer bit faster. After all every time you install / delete some stuff in your computer it make entries in your register. Specially older OS versions, let’s say Windows 2000 or NT4 were kind of famous how they register tend to get all tangled up and you had to more or less just wipe your HD and reinstall everything time to time.

Another thing is, how much you have RAM? It might be good idea to press CTRL+ALT+DEL and check for program manager => how much you have free memory & how is your CPU usage. How much programs are using it (for example my Firefox have 12 strings open, it is using around 4Gb of RAM and from my 32Gb of RAM around 31% is in use and my CPU usage is around 3-4%, so I can quite easily start Kingmaker and trust that most likely it do not need that much RAM or choke my CPU either)

Thanks for the advice, I’ll be trying it as soon as I get back home.

As for your other questions, the computer hadn’t been crashing for anything else, or any other times. I tried playing Divinity and Pillars of Eternity for a bit and neither of those games had the same problems.

I can’t reinstall the OS because I had the free Windows 10 upgrade. Running with 24 gigs of ram and CPU usage has not been bad while running the game, but it definitely tends to spike when I hit save. I rarely have other programs open when I play the game (only firefox occasionally).

Also, for clarification, I get past the Saving message portion when ti crashes, it happens when the “Game Saved” (I think that’s next) message appears.

So I did that update and I was able to play the game for a couple days without issues until last night when it crashed after exiting the game. I had my hopes up though!