Commander's tent

After completing the Gray Garrison I moved to this tent location, but I need to go to the commander’s tent to take a rest. But when I try try to enter the screen doesn’t load and it stays black.

Please fix this

Are you on a Mac by any chance? I think this is a known bug (although I have yet to see Owncat acknowledge it.)

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Yes, I am in a Mac. Did you have it too?
It’s quite an enormous bug that won’t let me go through the story

It’s been a known bug for a little over 2 weeks and still no word on a fix. It’s extremely frustrating honestly.

What if we make a thread everyday? would that be too annoying for other users?

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I’ve been bumping several threads about it almost daily and I’ve been commenting on all the Owlcat patch note Twitter threads. Have had absolutely 0 interaction from the team even tho they seem to eagerly respond to other commenters

It would be nice to see a reaction. Even if it is only to see that they are working on it

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They finally responded on a steam thread (the fact that the only dev comment on the issue is buried in the comments of an unrelated website is frustrating but regardless :man_shrugging:t3:) they’ve acknowledged the issue and given no timeline on when it may or may not be fixed image

That is good to read. Let’s hope they find a solution fast