Colyphyr mines barrier key - strike back quest broken

So I killed and looted absolutely everything in the Colyphyr Mines, and the barrier key never dropped. I have no saves prior to the fight where the key should have dropped. Do I just have to scrap this campaign and start new?

You get it from Mustafen. Either he gives it to you, or you kill him for it.

That’s the problem - his body didn’t drop it and it’s despawned now. Is there any other work around? I really don’t want to start a whole new game

Can you see a loot icon on the map? You may still be able to click on something if you do. Even if it doesn’t highlight. If that fails, you can look at the toybox mod and see if you can manually put the key in your inventory.

I’ve never used mods before, but I’m gonna try that!

no mods in the steam workshop for WOTR that I can see - any thoughts on what I should try?

Use nexusmods
Mod is called Toybox. It has instructions on its mod page.

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got installed - no luck finding the item though. Any idea what the key is called? Also seeing if I can teleport into the room, if I can figure out what that room is called

Not a clue. I don’t have easy access to the game right now. And, I’m not sure that I have a save in that area, either.