Cloak of the Winter Wolf

So, how to use it?

I’ve read some forums, and made Linzi a Dragon Disciple for the sake of Dragon Bite, but how does it work really?

It’s a trick to make you do counterproductive things like making Linzi a Dragon Disciple.

If you’re wearing it and the bite hits you will automatically attempt the Trip the mob.

Get Animal Fury barbarian power for Amiri. She will get a bite attack, and then a free trip attempt.


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My preferred build is a feral mutagen, motherless tiefling whose uses natural attacks through lvl 14ish and then switches to mastery—the crafted 2H fauchard.

The simplest build is monk 1/vivi19 or v1/m1/v18. Once you hit v2, take feral mutagen and fight unarmed without armor. You’ll have 2 claw and 2 bite attacks at lvl 3 when your mutagen is up. Add cloak later when you get it. You can roll dexterity to be super tanky, but I prefer a strength build because you’ll deal more damage and still have enough AC late game to only be hit in natural 20s.

In effect has a build guide here for a trip vivisectionist.

It’s (too) good at level 3. By midgame you’ll find the bites hardly ever show up in your combat log because mobs are already dead. Good idea to switch to Fauchard, better to just start with it since STR Vivi is such a glass cannon into the midgame and you don’t even have Martial Proficiency.

Monk Dips are bad on STR/INT classes. Motherless is worse since it’s negative INT.

Best bite build is straight Barb with Pounce from Animal Totem and/or anyone in Smilodon Form.

Amiri is the best option for bite attacks and using this cloak among the companions.

And i don´t think its worth hiring a mercenary as i´d make a biting barbarian to use it anyway… :grin:

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Guess I will just sell it then…

Yea, I’ve seen some user-created builds going well with this cloak, bust since I’m a fighter dwarf, and planning to switch Amiri for Nok-Nok soon (going through Season of Bloom now), seems there’s no good use for this cloak, shame that I wasted 2 levels just to see, poor Linzi xd She doing alright neverless.

And, btw… damn people say it’s really complex and hard to get a grip on game if you don’t know Pathfinder rules… nah, I’m a cRPG geek since Baldur’s Gate 2, and always loved this kind of games, even though I don’t know much bout D&D (I tried, with Magic The Gathering, just never had people who were into it around) and so far… yea, there has been some save&load encounters, or reading some guide but at the same time… like, my last “big” encounter was with the hunting, I’m reading guides mostly because I don’t want to miss some loot, and there was a Poisonous Hydra, damn someone was writing all over how to kill it… I did with just one lucky round I guess, it didn’t even strike.

Also, since I’m commenting the game itself… Kingdom menagment - I really like the idea, but it needs some fixing. After some time it’s just you clicking, picking someone for some totally random event and hoping for the best, even though you don’t really have any other choice at some point.

I think it would be much better if you personally would be involved, and the rest is just automatic.

Still, loving the game so far, best cRPG since Baldur, and I also love that cRPGs in general have been born again, I’m playing Pillars of Eternity and Wasteland 3 as well… good times.

Waiting for some Arcanum themed game, mixing fantasy, steampunk, guns, turn based… would be a blast.


Don’t sell it. You’ll find a use for it one way or another.