Cleaving Shot > Rays, Bombs, Kinetic Blasts?

Cleaving Shot
Each time you deal critical damage with your ranged weapon attack, or reduce the target to zero hit points, you deal your weapon damage to all other enemies in 10ft radius.

Hello all,

Id like to ask if this Mythic Feat / Ability works for EVERY ranged weapon and specifically includes Rays / Ranged Touch attacks with Sorcerers spells like Disintegrate, the Alchemist Bombs and the Kineticist Kinetic Blasts.

The Weapon Focus Feat allows you to pick Rays, Bombs and Kinetic Blasts, you need the Precise Shot Feat to fire them into melee combat and the Point-Blank Shot adds +1 to attack with them just like it does for any Ranged Weapon.

In my opinion this qualifies them to benefit from this Mythic Feat / Ability but Im not 100% sure it works. Also, since Bombs already do splash damage, would the damage stack, to overcome elemental resistances, or would a second splash effect occur.

Lastly, if the Bomb AND its 1st splash effect kills several enemies, would there be as much additional splash effects from Cleaving Shot as there were enemies killed ? This also applies to Ranged Touch attacks with spells like Molten Orb that have s splash effect in addition to the spell cast or Kinetic Blasts that have a form infusion applied which causes a splash effect.


Those are Ranged Attacks, and not ranged weapon Attacks (although a case might be made for bombs). So, I guess the answer is NO, but I haven’t tried it myself.

Interesting question. It would be worth testing. If the feat synergies with rays, then arcane trickster will be insane. The mythic feat’s wording (specifically the part about dealing your “weapon damage” to enemies in 10 feet) makes me think the feat is designed with weapons that have a weapon damage die and not rays or touch spells.