Class Level cap for Legend

According to any of the sites I’ve seen the level cap for Legend mythic path should be 40 (class levels as far as I know as opposed to total of class and mythic).

Whenever I qualified for Legend and completed the related quests I went from about halfway between level 18/19 to level 38 and have been stuck there since. The experience meter shows the experience for next level as 3.6 million but I actually have about 3.9 million currently.

So is 38 the actual limit or is the display wrong for how much experience I need for the next level, or is it just a bug?


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I had a similar problem, I think the experience it shows in Legend for the next level is slightly off, keep playing and you should level up in a bit.

I made it to 40 with no issues. I wasn’t watching my XP bar very closely though.

Thanks, eventually moved up a level so its a display bug for the next level of experience.