Class Builder/Tester Module/DLC

Something I really miss for Kingmaker/Wrath of the Righteous is an in-game character builder/test area like Vordan’s Hero Creator (if someone remembers NWN2). One could argue, that “Beneath the Stolen Lands” is something similar, but I really mean a module where you are able to level up your char immediately (without having to edit it) and test it against mobs that you chose. Perhaps an idea for a WotR DLC?


I’d love that. And even better for a tester, the possibility to change Feats, skills and even some class levels on the fly, like the Pathbuilder app for PnP on Android.
That would require some tests and dev ressources that have other priorities, of course, so we will never see that, but one can hope and dream.

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Oh yes, that would be even better! Well, I think when they would add it much later (as DLC after they finished the game), then there would be no problem with dev resources, but the question is still how many people really would like/buy such a DLC. Well, I certainly would buy it. >_<

This would be cool.

Build a character, plop down various mobs at various levels, tests the results.

A less effort intensive approach would be to
allow a character to respec their class levels mid game.

I think they have thought of the possibility. I’m not sure whether it also appears in KM, but in the Alpha of WotR, there was an option somewhere to allow respec, wich would allow an NPC (presumably the Pathfinder Society guy who allows you to hire mercenaries, but that’s only my guess) to respec. I think it won’t be free.

I would totally buy it. I support this idea of testing classes for different builds somewhere or even for new players that would like to try out and practice before committing to the single-player campaign.

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I would not buy it, personally. It’s not enough content for me to buy it. It’s a great option, but I only buy DLC if it adds to the story (or a new story). I never buy DLC that only add options (like new weapons, outfits, class/race… or a way to test builds).