Class build/hard difficulty

I’m contemplating playing rogue, sorcerer, bard, rogue/ranger(dual wield), rogue/other multi

not playing these classes:
magus, paladin (I already played paladin), barbarian, monk, ranger (pure ranger), slayer, fighter, wizard, cleric, maybe even druid

which would be best choice?

my party would be:
regongar, linzi, tristian, ekun, amiri

‘‘Best’’ is not term i like to use but here some personal ways i like to play those classes for hard.


  • I love playing with pure base rogue shield bash build. Rapier / light shield, they are amazing, fun and very hungry for feats making the rogue a very good choice. Light shield is also a finest weapon training and the majority of the rapier are agile but require some knowledge of the game to acquire easily and in time.

  • A knife master is pretty straight forward and strong but require a lot of micro management.

  • A archer rogue is actually quite good but the vivisectionist is still better at it.

  • A strength reach rogue can be very strong if you play with the vanilla flanking.


  • A sage sorcerer is very powerful once you get a few levels but the game is at his hardest in the early game. Require Varnhold DLC to be at his best and Evil alignment. Perfect for Lawful Evil campaign.

  • The sylvan sorcerer is the strongest at low level and good choice overall.

  • For dragonic sorcerer, my choice will be a lightning one or a fire type.


  • Bard make very good tank when multiclass and having a strong one is very important for higher difficulty. Either with Towershield specialist or with scaled fist.

  • Pure base bard are good main character but require strong allies since they can be quite weak on their own.

  • Thunder Caller bard can be a very good damage dealer but i have never play with one, so i don’t know much about them…

Depends what you want and which companions (or mercenaries) whom you intend to use.

On higher difficulties, I believe that a bard’s competence bonus is extremely important and difficult to reproduce from another class. In addition, the revealed companions appear to be light on arcane casting. A bard can assist with the buff portion of arcane casting, leaving your other arcane caster to focus on save spells and damage. I prefer thundercaller as strictly superior to base bard.

If you’re interested in power over theme, I’d recommend strength slayer or vivisectionist over ranger/rogue. Both will preform better as DW, sneak attack damage dealer and vivi will cover some buffs as well.

Sorcerer is always good. As far as arcane casters, Ember is a stigmatized witch. I shied away from alpha, and don’t know her spell selection, but witches typically don’t have the best spells. If so, the companions seem light on an arcane caster.

Oops: thought this was a WOTR question. Companions obviously fill the bard and arcane caster roles in KM.

I´d recommend halfling rogue dual wield knife master.

Get enough UMD skill to cast magic armor and shield from wands and focus on dexterity belt, ring of protection and amulet of natural armor. Try getting the helmet that give AC +2 (other) and the amulet that gives +5 AC (insight).

Not only you´ll cause decent melee dps (even though its Amiri task), but also will be your group “tank” with a AC in the 40s by endgame.

With that party, you are pretty light on arcane buffs. Heroism, Enlarge Person, Invis, Haste, etc. Maybe swap out Reg or Ekun for Octavia if you’re willing. Also, no pure tank is going to be hard.

Rogue (Thug) with a reach weapon would be great.
Early: Minor debuffs and decent damage
Mid: Good debuff and occasional fleeing enemies (Corigan Smash)
Late: 1-2 hits, and half the enemies are either dead or running away. (Shattered Defenses and Dreadful Carnage)

You need a tank in that group. For hard, Amiri or Linzi can become one easily if you build them in consequence. If you do so then a sorcerer main character will be probably the best option.

I don’t like to use Linzi because of spoiler, Valerie is better bard anyway in my opinion.

a dex aldori defender/swordlord is a good tank and somewhat decent damage dealer.
you can take 1 lvl of monk for the wis to armour rest defender/swordlord. defenders abilities will provide with all the ac you will need to tank and at least 1 lvl of swordlord for the 1.5 dex to dmg, more if you are heavy into CC disablers.