Claiming my rewards?

With the new kickstarter coming out I was reminded that no one ever bothered contacting me about claiming my Kingmaker rewards. Anybody here know how to contact someone about that? I tried sending a number of emails back in August that never got any responses.

I’m just really sick of being ignored and then being asked to give them even more money for something new when they won’t even give me what I’ve already payed for.

(Taken from Kingmaker kickstart and yes, these steps did work for me):

For me these things work:


Transferring Your Pledge

First things first: the only way to get your hands on your rewards is to “transfer your pledge” from Kickstarter to This bit of technical jargon basically means telling our website that you are a backer and you would like to download your game. Here’s what you need to do:

1. Register an account at Look for the “Sign up” button in the top right corner of the screen:

2. Once registered, enter your personal account area by clicking on your e-mail address in the same top right corner of the screen:

3. Enter the Kickstarter e-mail address you first used to back our game in the “Get Your Transfer Code” field. If you get an error message here – don’t worry! Read the “Technical Issues” section below.

4. Open your e-mail in a different tab or browser window. You will receive a letter with a link and all necessary instructions. Please, make sure to check in your spam-folder! While still logged into, click the link. A pop-up will open and ask you to transfer your pledge. If this shows the amount you have pledged on Kickstarter, tick the checkbox for confirmation and then finalize your pledge.

5. Your digital rewards should now be available under your account! Click the ‘Get your Digital Download’ button, then choose your platform. For more details on platforms and entering your digital game codes in Steam and GoG, consult our Update #60.


So you DO NOT get code in your e-mail. You get it for <= go to the right side (Get your digital download) and press it. It will open and you will see key or multiple keys, insert your game key first (as suggested) in Steam or GoG. After you have used it insert rest of the keys if there are other ones.

IF that do not help try to contact Mortheim:

Thank you for your response.

In step 3 I get a pop up saying “Code was successfully sent to your email. If you can’t find it, please also check your spam and junkmail folders!”

However when I go to step 4 and check my email the " letter with a link and all necessary instructions " is nowhere to be found. I’ve checked every junk folder and sub-folder and there’s simply nothing anywhere to be found.

Thank you for your assistance.


Can you, please, contact me via ?

Hello, I also recently made the attempt to claim my Kickstarter pledge reward (namely - the PF:KM key) and found this post, tried going through the steps described in the first reply, but in step 3 I get a message saying: “Your email address was not found in our list of Kickstarter backers or your transfer code has already been used.” To make sure I was using the right email address I went to Kickstarter and I checked if it was what I was entering, and it matched. Not sure where I could find the “Technical Issues” section also mentioned in step 3. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.



Can you, please, DM me?

Hello, I am a first time Kickstarter backer and I seem to be having the exact same problem as ZeeAndor. I followed the instructions in this post however a message pops up saying: “Your email address was not found in our list of Kickstarter backers or your transfer code has already been used.” Help would be much appreciated.

Backer portal isn’t out yet.

The WotR backer portal won’t be out for some time but the Kingmaker backer portal should have come out many months ago. I did get some email responses but it never lead to any results. I finally just gave up on ever getting my rewards and had to conclude I wasted my money. It’s a shame really. :confused: