Chris Avellone’s PnP Module: Closed Playtesting Underway!

Dear Pathfinders,

Many of you have asked us for a status update on Chris Avellone’s digital RPG adventure module, and we’re happy that we finally have some news for you!

We’ve reached a new important milestone. After multiple drafts and much back-and-forth between Chris, Paizo and us Owlcats, we’ve all decided that the manuscript is of high enough quality to begin closed playtesting! We’ve recruited a number of playgroups from you, our audience, and we’ve sent out copies of the adventure module. We believe that testing early is very important, and getting feedback before everything is set in stone can drastically improve the end result. For those of you who are participating, we’d like to stress that this is an early draft, and the module is still far from its final state – we just collectively decided that we want to hear your thoughts on this.

We are sorry that it took us so long to reach this stage. The task has proven to be more difficult than initially expected, and we want to make sure that this adventure lives up to the fame of the original “Kingmaker” AP. However, we promise things will pick up from now on. Stay tuned for more news in the near future!


Your Owlcats