Choosing deity at character creation

So I don’t have access to alpha, and don’t know if that is a thing. But can you choose a deity even if you are not a divine class, for role-playing reasons, and some promised reactions from NPCs?
If not, please add that feature, really weird that you cant select lets say Nefis as a mage, and yet NPCs around you saying stuff like that into your face constantly. :\


Currently, no. You only pick deity’s and domains if you are a divine class of some sort.

Like I thought. Are there any plans to fix that? Don’t want to miss on some dialogues, however insignificant they might be just because I chose non-divine class… which is plenty.

Not that I’ve seen, but they haven’t overhauled the UI yet. It’s possible. I think that this has been done for a reason though. It might be to make domain selection a bit more straightforward. If you were to multi-class in later levels to a divine class (uncommon as it may be); you would be locked out of certain domains depending on your earlier choice. The way it is currently implemented, you make both of those decisions at the same time so you can choose the domains of your choice. Rather than being restricted by both your alignment AND deity from character creation.

If they were to implement a character builder, this wouldn’t be such a big deal, as you could see where you get restricted before playing for dozens of hours. So, if they do implement a feature like this, there’d be less reason for them to omit the religion choice on character creation.

But that is a really bad reason. You should be able to switch your deity then if you want, may be even with some consequences.Or stay true to the one you chosen, even if it will lock you from something, whatever.
I remember in NWN2 you could choose deity from the start (or none), why not do the same for WotR?

There was a stretch goal for Advanced Reactivity, which mentioned reactions to your character’s deity. No information was given about whether or not non-divine casters would get deity choice added in.

I don’t have access to the Alpha, but I understand that a lot of their early footage used a lot of the UI and such from Kingmaker. I think they didn’t add deity selection at character creation in Kingmaker because they had very little reactivity to character creation stuff in general - I played an Inquisitor of Shelyn, and outside of a few very quick conversations with Linzi and Valerie and maybe Tristian, the game pretty much never recognized my deity. Since Kingmaker didn’t have that reactivity and mainly used deity selection for stuff like domains and weapons, they probably didn’t include deity selection because it would be weird to have people make that choice during character creation only for it to never affect anything in the rest of the game.

The added reactivity will probably feature a lot of additional writing for all of the different deities that we know will be included, so it seems more likely that they’ll add deity selection at character creation. Still, Drank brings up good points about how deity selection could be tricky with how alignment could change during the game and could lock players in before they choose a class like Cleric. Owlcat can almost certainly work around it - I’m pretty sure that Neverwinter Nights 2 did - so it’s just a question of when they get around to solving any issues there.

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Yes, this reactivity stretch goal is exactly why I created that topic, don’t want to miss on extra dialogues just because i’m not a divine-class. Hopefully that topic will not go unnoticed :slight_smile:

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That might have been justified for RP reasons. The NWN series took place in the Forgotten Realms universe. There, not having a patron deity had (really bad) consequences in the afterlife, so 99.99% of the population HAD to choose a patron deity. I was not even a matter of believing in gods or not (you were stupid if you did not believe, people had seen their avatars walking among them about 14 years prior to the NWN events), it had to be a conscious choice to actually select a patron deity.

I know much less about Golarion, but nowhere have I read about such consequences for the unfaithful.

I don’t get it…there is no choice…there is only Iomedae. All others are false gods.

Well, just notify me when you can select your Iomedae as an alchemist :slight_smile:

I agree to OP. Id also like the option to select a Deity at character creation.

These would be the options:

  • Deity
  • Atheist
  • not specified

The added reactions from NPCs are one of the reasons for adding that option. The other is that companions already used that mechanic E.g. Valerie was an Atheist so could not select Classes that ask for a Deity.

Other companions did not have a Deity despite stating they belive in one and the player was able to add Classes using a different Deity, thereby breaking lore.

For instance Linzi had Shelyn but you could make her a Cleric of NON-Shelyn. If the proposed option was added, such a lore breaking event wouldnt be possible but this would give the characters more depth since if a companion has the same deity, or an opposing one, it would surely be a topic when speaking with them, even when not being a Cleric etc.

You’ve got it all wrong. Alchemists drink strong brews.

They clearly worship Cayden Cailean (spelling?)

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But I thought there is only Iomeade?

Thanks for the reply, my thoughts exactly, and I am surprised that it is not on devs radar. Hopefully this topic will bring more attention.

They are heathens…what can I say?

If I throw Holy Bombs, I wanna do it in the name of Goodness.

I agree wholeheartedly with this. Especially because deities play such an important role in WotR. I can understand why there wasn’t one in Kingmaker as they play less of a role but I really hope they add it, otherwise i feel kind of shoehorned into playing a divine class that has to pick a deity (so no oracle too).

I would love to have the option for deity selection for non-divine casters. I dont usually play religious characters but I feel like the goblin bard I’m playing in a 2e game is far more interesting when hes leaving poorly made shrines to lamashtu made from the aftermath of his antics everywhere he goes.

Remove deity selection because there is only one god

Groetus? (20 characters)

Groetus isn’t a god. It’s a clean-up crew after the party.