Checking how my title and other stuff show/do not show here.

третья попытка

testing 123

Test 00000001

test, my message is too short

testing magic dot

<I guess you have to log out and back in to get the badge?>

Brings back memories!

test as well

hmm ok, i do not know if it works.

четвертая попытка

testing 123

Well seems to be the place to test this out!?!

testing 1234

no badge on first post let’s try this one, I suppose the issue with Baron badge is still a thing?

test too short

Are the badges supposed to automatically show up or do we have to equip them? Or do we need a badge proficiency feat first?

The badges should automatically show as soon as you’ve transferred your pledge. Apparently there’s still a problem with the baron badge. We’re looking into that one.

Also checking my forum badge :cool:

Testing testing :wink:

Badge check.

definitely not testing.