"Character" is Immune to "something" due to difficulty settings

Platform: PC

Do you have any mods? Yes

Please explain the issue is in as much detail as possible:
I have been playing with no issues, at Level 16 I decided to respec my main, I had taken Prof. with the Falcata early on, but later acquired a Scimitar I really like (Divine Intervention 1-handed scimitar, gives me reach as if I was large - I mention this, as I figure its likely a bug). I had been playing the game up to this point in the Challenging Setting. I found I could not retrain without clicking it on, I was not playing challenging for achievements, so much as I wanted it to be Challenging. So I decided to click it on to retrain, then click it back off after, setting it back to Challenging. I had finished the Rushlight Tournament, but not yet unlocked Pitax. After respec I played for a number of hours without an issue. The next day when I loaded up the game I noticed it keeps saying, "(insert any character name) is Immune to (insert spell or ability, -Power Attack, Good Hope, Mirror Image-) due to difficulty settings. So, "Amiri is immune to Power Attack due to Difficulty settings, Amiri in that sentence is highlighted, and their is an arrow pointing to the left. It says it about pretty much anything I do, when I start a new battle it will run the gamut of all the creatures, naming each of them, and all of their abilities, and saying that they are immune due to difficulty settings. All abilities are still working fine as far as I can tell, Power Attack still takes the penalty to atk, and gives the bonus to dmg. I decided to try and reload to before the respec, and it kept saying it. Did a PC restart didn’t help, loaded up from like level 5, still there, loaded a previous character who I had completed the game with at Level 20, still there, finally decided to try a new game… yup still there. Did a “Verify Integrity of Game Files” came back good; So decided I would post it in here. Did some google searches, as well as searching here on the forums, have not been able to find anyone posting about this. My apologies if this is posted someplace that I just have not been able to find. Considered uninstalling / reinstalling the game, but have not tried that yet.

It’s a known issue after 2.1.7 update. It seem to be some sort of combat log bug as the abilities are applied properly.

Yep, started at latest patch. Not related to mods, as my game is clean.
Was mentioned at reddit and steam. According to steam response, devs already reproduced the issue and are working on it.

Ok, ty for the reply :slight_smile: