Character is broken after resurrecting

hello, here is what happened:
Octavia died, I had no anything to resurrect her on the spot, so I went to the capital. I bought a scroll but I couldn’t understand how to raise her at the city. My character is not cleric, my cleric’s quick inventory was unavailable, and the Quacken’s instructions were weird, he had no menu with the spells, only the shop. (I know I know, there is probably an easy way to raise your dead inside the city, but I can’t help it, sometimes I don’t understand things)
Anyway I figured let’s go outside and raise Octavia there. I relocated to the closest place to the capital, not the one where Octavia died. I raised her with the scroll. She appeared outside the map (at the black part) laying upside down. I returned to the capital, and now she is always like that - laying upside down! When we have discussions at the throne room, she will crouch there laying upside down!
The worst part is that she can’t do spells now: they stuck at the 0.0 but not apply to the target.
Is there any way to fix that? I have saves before Octavia’s death, but they are far.

a link to the save with the broken Octavia

Normally, just quicksaving and reloading fix that bug.

reloading helped as well! thank you!