Character costumisation, transformation forms, mythics

So, to start with I’d like to tell you all that I love RPGs, they are my favourite genre and that’s because of the ROLEPLAYING aspect, I love games that immerse you, both thematically AND VISUALLY, keywords being visually.

I love the concept of characters who change forms, but the problem with loving this in RPGs like pathfinder and divinity is that they never ever reach my expectations, for example, being a aeon I think you should look more like the portrait shown In game and also you should be “levitating” slightly to show you are above mortals.

As an azata you should have the choice to look more whimsical, like the azatas you can summon in game, snake tail and all, would be cool if you could also have an harp bow.

For mutagen users, you should be able to psychically see changes on the character you use it on depending on the race and type of mutagen you use, for example imagine a kitsune, usually not intimidating in the least, but then they pop a potion into their mouth and their muscle mass just goes wild, looking more savage, bulky, nimble or a combination of various of those choices ofc.

Now the one I have the most gripes with, the hag transformation… Now you might’ve noticed that it has the word TRANSFORMATION in the name, and what does the icon show? A creepy hag yes, ik excited to what my character might look like when I get to level 20 after so much planning and time spent, so… What happens? A big nothing, you look the same, not even older looking, just passive buffs, now I really do feel like a true hag…
Imagine if it gave you the appearance of an old hunched over hag with long grizzly hair, veiny wrinkled skin but still looking ferocious like some sort of wild animal that could maul you at any time,
The unarmed stance should change aswell, balled fists fighting stance for EVERY character without a weapon just does not fit.

Well, the rant is over, I hope some of you share some of the same opinions.
Also don’t be a dick.