Chapter 4 - Fleshmarket, where?

So I’ve had my first fight in the arena and they now want me to buy slaves for it, and I am supposed to go to the fleshmarket. But as far as I know, there are no interactable NPC:s anywhere on this map that I can buy slaves from.

I only have three locations to teleport to: Nexus, Bad Luck Tavern and Battlebliss. And can find no one to buy slaves from. In fact, the only possible option I seem to have is to attempt to slay all the guards into the upper city. That fight was nearly impossible (did solve it) but the first fight on the upper city just cast a whole bunch of fireball-like type of spells that made nearly my whole party final death.

So I am kind of stuck. I’ve tried to rotate the map to try to find potential “secret locations” thus far to no avail. Does anyone have a pointer?

Is there any way to do a proper rest in this chapter? Half my party is on death’s door.

There’s a transition to a higher level of the city gated by a Mobility check. I think (but I don’t remember for sure) that it’s close to the southern edge of the map, a bit west of the center.

There’s an inn in the center of the map where you can rent a room to rest (I think: I’ve seen the option but have never done it). That inn also has a portal back to the Nexus, where you can go to rest and change up your group. If you talk to the Innkeeper, he’ll give you a coin that will let you port back from the Nexus to the Inn.

Thank you. So the only way to get there is through a mobility check on something? Sheesh. OK. :slight_smile:

I know I can return to the nexus, but no matter how many times I rest there, my characters still remain on death’s door.

You can also intimidate your way through the guards
I did that
But i also know about the mobility way

Wait, so the part with the huge guards is how you get to the fleshmarket?

Yikes, if so. I died over and over after the first encounter I ran into after going through the gate. So I was sure it had to be an encounter for a later level or something due to the massive difference in difficulty (I mean… like 15 fireballs in one round?).

The Fleshmarket has its own fast travel portal, just like the Nexus and the Bad Luck Inn. You won’t need to climb up once you find the coin to unlock it.

I think town rest is supposed to clear Death’s Door, so you should report that as a bug if resting in the Nexus doesn’t. Maybe that’s by design, but I vaguely remember that the Hand says that the Nexus is supposed to be your refuge while you’re in the Abyss, so it seems like it should.