Changing weapon feats

maybe look at changing weapon feats (such as weapon focus, weapon spec, improved crit etc or any feat that requires a choice of weapon (slashing grace etc) to a base of weapons.

such as baldurs gate 1 and DDO do. so instead of picking weapon focus longsword and not finding any good longswords etc that you would choose say weapon focus “large slashing” or “slashing” “large sword” or “sword” etc and be able to apply your weapon focus to longsword, scimitar, greatsword etc
when unlocking an exotic weapon proficiency it would then be added to its appropriate group such as bastard sword and falcatta would be added to “sword” “slashing” “large blade” etc and fauchard would be added to “polearms” etc

one of my charatcers in beneath the stolen lands has weapon focus, greater weapon focus and improved critical greatsword, yet i havnt found a single greatsword yet and im on floor 20something and everyones level 12
he has a masterwork greatsword, +2 shock falchion, +1 cold falchion and a +1 cold oversized bastard sword. including the many other falchions found and sold, but no greatswords whatsoever. the above system would allow the falchions and oversized bastard sword to be used with his feats and not have them wasted

feats such as aldori dueling mastery should stay the same ie require that specific weapon

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You can do that when respeccing. The idea to grant Feats a group of weapons instead of 1 weapon is the only way to go. That would however require altering the rules we have but its not on the to-do list of Owlcat, found under …

respeccing doesnt work (xbox) which i guess will eventually be fixed, and there is no respec option in beneath the stolen lands
would be annoying (not to mention the time limits on everything!) to go back to town everytime you found a new weapon
not to mention how much gold that would cost respeccing all the time.

isnt that doc just a response to the suggestions and issues found in alpha? ie as a suggestion is suggested and they like it or think has merit they add it with their response?

If you could just change your selected Weapon Focus then why not let it apply to a select weapon group in the first place ? Unless you want to an entire different weapon group which is available with respec.

If however you want to willy-nilly change it each time you gain a new weapon then no, this would make these Feats too powerful because then they would essentially apply to ALL weapons.

Either these Feats functionality stays as it is now, which in my opinion sucks, or it gets changed to affect a wider range of weapons, which lowers the chances of players screwing themself when selecting the ‘wrong’ choice.

And yes, that 100% means we go back to BGs weapon groups E.g. Large Blade, Small Blade, Axes etc. It worked back then and will work in Pathfinder as well. The groups are also already established so its just a button to press for Owlcat, if they want it.


The Alpha Update Table was also not only about reported bugs since there was another bugreport functionality in-game which was ‘suggestions’. I made ample use of it but Owlcat didnt including the restricted-to-1 Weapon Focus issue leads me to believe that their contract with Pathfinder doesnt allow this step.

The mechanic at hand was and is definitely one of the few major issues so I wondered why it wasnt present in that Update. For instance the minor issue / QoL option to select a Deity for non-Clerics was present.

are you agreeing or not?

i dont want weapon feats to apply to all weapons nor do i want to be able to change everytime you found one?? (you mentioned that not me??, i was just stating that respec doesnt work and would be a pain to go back to town each time if it was like that as you mentioned??)
i never mentioned any of that in my original post??

my suggestion was to change it to baldurs gate 1 style (or DDO does similar)
you seem to be agreeing with that?? or not??