Changing Character Order

I am playing Pathfinder: Kingmaker on the Xbox One X. How do I change the order of my characters on the bar on the left. I know I can change the formation, but it appears that the formation will follow the order of the characters on the bar.

The order of the characters on the bar were determine by the order I obtained the NPCs.

I read that on the PC you can select the character and drag them up or down the order. How do you do this on the Xbox One? I have tried using the cursor and A button, but I can only select the NPC, but not able to move or drag them.


I don’t know how to change the order, but at least you can use a custom formation (one of the ones with a number) and then freely move each character to your desired location.

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you cant change the order the portraits appear on xbox
but as above you can change party formation, custom formations are the only way to change the order your toons march on xbox

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Thank you, this works!

Party manager, put em all on the right side and select the one’s you want from you to the last one in the group.