Cavalier Archetype: Daring Champion

So I was wondering if it’s been established what the Cavalier Archetype options will be?
If not I’d like to suggest the Daring Champion as an option.

I know we all want to play with the new Mount Option, but just in case folks don’t love mounts, here would be a Cavalier option that didn’t require use of the mounts.

Thanks and Best of Luck!

I just hope that among mounts there will be dinosaurs options. Always wanted to rush into battle on raptorback.

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The basic Cavalier will probably be limited in mount choices, but i hope one of the archetypes is Beast Rider, because they are hte “exotic” mount style of cavalier, including dinosaurs xD

There’s thread somewhere with confirmed archetypes.

The original Kickstarter update that discussed the Cavalier class after its stretch goal was met discussed the archetypes they were including.

This list only has 5 archetypes, since this was before the stretch goal that added a sixth archetype for every class. The listed archetypes here are Gendarme, Beast Rider, Standard Bearer, Knight of the Wall, and Disciple of the Pike. To address OP’s request for an option that didn’t involve mounts, the Disciple of the Pike does not use mounts and instead focuses on fighting monsters with spears and polearms.