Capital DISAPPEARED from kingdom map

This is bug report for Pathfinder: Kingmaker. It is PC, and I use latest steam version.

My problem is that at the current stage in my game, when I enter the kingdom management screen, I can enter Tuskdale, my capital. I can build etc. However when I exit, Tuskdale disappears from the map entirely. I cannot see and select it any more. If I double click on Shrike it says there is a settlement, Tuskdale, but when I click that button nothing happens. So far I haven’t managed to find a way to bring my capital back.

I am currently in the process of uninstalling and reinstalling the game to see if that helps. I provide all my save files on this dropbox link:

Update: Reinstalling did not help, problem occured after clean install too, but workaround proposed below helps to keep on playing.

If you try any of the last 2-3 autosaves, and get to the kingdom management screen, then enter tuskdale, then exit you will see that capital disappeared.

Please look into it, as I am completely stuck with the game because of this.

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A temporary fix?

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Thanks Mork, I tried it works. This is a good workaround, at least I can continue my gameplay with some inconvenience.


I’ve encountered this bug while on my first playthrough. I’m playing the game on GOG. It is very unnerving and tiresome. It may look like a minor inconvenience but it really is not, especially given how the game crashes almost every time I exit it. Hoping for a fix asap. Thanks for staying in touch.

Try to set graphic setting display mode to bordeless window if not already on.

Thank you, I’ll try that.

Regarding the issue in question, would rolling back to the previous patch work? I mean, practically. Won’t there be any compatibility issues with my savegames if I return to 2.1.1 while in the middle of something? AFAIC, the bug was spawned by the most recent patch.

P. S. It seems to be a viable solution at this stage of the game.