Can't load saved games

After changing the instalation folder through the steam app, i couldn’t load my game anymore. So, i tried reinstalling my mods, reinstalling my game, moving the folder back to its original place and still i can’t.
I get the following error message

I am getting the exact same error. I installed the program on my desktop, played through most of the first Act, and then loaded the game onto my laptop. Now the laptop will not load any of my saved games from the cloud but I can create a new game and save that.

How do I restore my saved games?

I had a similar issue.

how do I fix it?

I am getting a similar thing. Whenever I try to enter the Trade Post after resolving the Kobolds vs Mites problem, the game crashes and shows the following

I am having the same issue after uninstalling the game and Epic Games launcher to move everything to a new SSD gaming drive. Saved games give me the error and I can’t create a new game. When I try to create a new game, it just stops at 1%. My error is the same as Rogue0257.

every time I try to load any saved game file. the game seems totally botched after this update

Bump. Would really like to hear from you guys or anyone who knows how to fix this issue. I am really enjoying the game or I was until this game stopping issue.

Bumpity bump bump. Please help me fix my game, so I can play.

just started getting this. all my mods are up to date