Can't leave Drezen citadel after Stauton fight

Just defeated Minago, Stauton and Nurrah on the top floor of the Drezen citadel but the exit area button no longer works so I can not leave the area. Is there something I must do first? My journal just says to leave the citadel.

I sent a bug report but I’m hoping someone knows a fix or workaround because otherwise this is a game ending bug since I am stuck here.

Save, close game, reopen and reload. It should fix the enter/exit buttons.

Saving to Main Menu has also worked for me there, but a full restart is likely more reliable.

He is also stuck, if he doesn’t make his path choice there and then, in case he overlooked the message.

Thanks. I had tried to save & reload which did not work. A complete exit & shutdown of the game then relaunch and load was required. The crusade continues!