Can't finish varnhold dlc ps4 1.02

after the last fight in varhlod dlc the horned hunter doesn’t appear. And when i take the portal i have an error with the autosave. Next the box indicating that I finished the dlc appear but can’t do anything beside closing the game…
Edit : and now in the main campaign Octavia has power of shape-shifting without a single level of druid…she hadn’t these power before the 1.02 patch…


I’m having the same problem.i cant complete varnhold dlc has anyone figured out a fix for this?

Hi! Could you elaborate what happens, or record a video on your phone, for example, and send it to us? The cut-scene with the Horned Hunter doesn’t trigger? And the final DLC auto save doesn’t save?

And could you attach a picture of what’s wrong with Octavia? What level is she? Has she levelled up after the patch? Because she may get some shapeshifting powers.

Heres what happens in detail:

You see the cutscene of the Centaur.
You proceed to kill the skull boss
You go through the portal
You see the story book
You press ‘X’
The game starts saving, as the book fades of screen (choppy).
You see an open grassy field and the characters barely manage to spawn in, but disappear.
Then the screen turns half dark
The save flag displays “Save Error”
The screen is still half dark and freeze-framed
After a while a ominous laughter plays, while nothing happens on screen
Game transitions to “Varnholdt completed” screen
You can’t press the “OK” button (to go back to the main-menu?)

Thanks! It’s a very detailed description. Looks like there might be an issue with Varnhold’s Lot final autosave. We’ll look into it!

Thanks for your answer . For the varnhold ending it seems that the final script doesn’t launch .
For Octavia she’s level 9 and doesn’t level up after the patch. I just load my save made prvious the patch and the shape shifting-power was here. She has no level of druid only mage and rogue

Don’t forget that the Horned Hunter straight up never appears, meaning you can’t get the ending. Odds are the autosave issue are a direct result of the game not having the Horned Hunter confirming your ending which results in a bug when choosing the portal.

Would just like to confirm this. Same exact problem step by step happened to me as well.

Not sure if it makes a difference for the auto save fail message but i had turned auto save off to avoid save file corruption bug.

I think you guys are right, the issue is the Horned Hunter, not the autosave. The autosave is supposed to save the outcome of your conversation. If it doesn’t happen, the autosave gets “confused”. I sent this issue to our team. We are sorry you can’t finish Varnhold’s Lot because of this. Personally it’s my favourite DLC, and I’m devastated it’s still unplayable on consoles :broken_heart:

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Hey, just wanted to chime in here. The Horned Hunter appeared just fine for me, had the full conversation, and chose to accept his “reward” and gain the power to defend Varnhold. Hoever, much like noted above, it goes to the storybook with the autosave, then loads into the cutscene of the General and your companions fighting the fey, the autosave fails during this, and then the same end screen with the inability to hit OK.

Ok, guys, we might need saves from you, of a moment before the final fight. Do you know how to save them on a USB storage?

We need one where HH doesn’t appear and one where he does.
Could you upload them somewhere and send me links?

Sorry i can’t because the only save i have is a quick save after the fight :frowning:

I’ll get back to you sometime tomorrow with a save. I know how to save it to a USB, just 2:30 in the morning ain’t the best time. :stuck_out_tongue:

Send it anyway! It’s the moment where Horned Hunter is supposed to appear, right? But you still have the control over your character and can go into a portal?

Here’s a save directly before entering the portal. I don’t have a save before the actual fight, unfortunately.

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Or you can use this, which is basically before trigging the bloom cutscene with Cephal:

I can’t give you my save because it simply disapear… i don’t erase it but it’ gone now…great!

Your quicksave? Agent-op already sent us saves with similar issue.
I’m waiting for save from Mordred, who does get Horned Hunter to appear. We’ll check both, I think there’s 2 separate errors here.
It’s strange that your save is completely gone. Did you play another character after that?

Yes .and my last save for tis other character is gone too. It’not big deal i recover recent saves from the cloud.

I just want to say that i love your adaptation of pathfinder universe and I know it’s a hard job to make all work fine so I’ll be patient :slight_smile:

How do I send you my save file? I have a save on PS4 right before the final fight in Varnhold’s Lot