Can't boot game

Hello. I was really loving the game, but one day it just stopped booting at all. It shows this error, and I can’t find any helpful advices. I tried validating the game, as one source suggested, but it didn’t work. I also reinstalled several times.
I thought I might just wait a month to play again, and hope it got patched, but it hasn’t.
I looked in the other “can’t start” topics, and I can’t find this error, sorry if it’s already there. Can anyone help please?

I am having the same problem or very similar. After 19 hours of play my will not boot as well. I ger the Pathfinder.exe is not responding. I also loaded the game again and get the same message. Did they ever solve your problem ? Do you have any idea who I might contact to fix this ? I validated the game in steam as well but other than that I am very limited in trouble shooting.