Cannot respec anymore

Are we limited to a few times total, or is there a bug when it is supposed to start charging us? I talk to Hilor and it just ends the conversation after I choose that option and the game goes on.

Yeah, same issue with me. He says something about getting a trainer from Absalom. And then nothing happens thereafter. Very strange.

We should be allowed to respec as much as we want incase we want to remove some of our earlier choices, with respect to our MC’s abilities


Please make sure to leave bug reports via the in-game reporting tool. They are all going directly to the developer team.

yes. after the first 4 or 5 free trials, respec costs 10,000 gp, and Hilor simply ends the conversation if you don’t have enough gold. i’ve confirmed (by using ToyBox to add gold) that respec does continue to work, provided you have the cash.

edit: yikes, it seems that each additional respec costs 10,000 gp more than the last… :confused: