Cannot recover when resting

Platform: Steam /Windows 10

Do you have any mods?
yes was stable for 1 month before issue

Please explain the issue is in as much detail as possible:
I am in chapter 3 and cannot rest for any game save, the time passes, resources are expended but the fatigue isn’t removed and spells aren’t recovered. I went back to my capitol and I am still partied at all times. and if I rest in the bed there I still have the same issue

Update or disable your mod, there was a patch a few days ago.

To keep mod support and for people experiencing issues with the new version, we have added the previous version of the game (2.1.5d) to Steam Beta interface. You may want to use it until your mod is updated.

To activate it, right-click your game in the Steam library, click PROPERTIES → BETAS and select to opt-in for version 2.1.5d.

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