Cannot finish principal quest, the one with the cyclops and Varnhold


I was just playing the Varnhold act, and was on my way to the undead valley (not sure of the translation, i play in french) and i realised that i can’t enter the area because i need Jaethal for that. The problem is that i didn’t HAVE Jaethal in my kingdom (and Valerie by the way). After the prologue, i went with other party members, and i have never encounter jaethal and valerie again. Anyway, im now stuck in the main quest because i need a character that i dont have to go to the principal location for the quest.

Is this a known bug ? I have reported that bug in game and on the official discord.

Is there any more information needed, i will do my best to complete my post.

Sorry for my writing, im french and i’m not very good in english…


Yes and Owlcat will probably fix it soon.

Ohh great !

I’ll wait then ! Thx for your reply !

I did not have that bug : really odd.

Normally, only once you have finished the Sisters quests and talked to folks in the barbarian camp (the one to the far east) can you have access to the Valley of the Dead.

Also, if you have already finished the dungeon after Valley of the Dead, then the special Jaethal requirement should appear.

If you have done all the Sisters stuff and done the last visit to the eastern barbarian camps, this is a sad bug : there might be tricks to bypass it (maybe the Bag of Tricks mod can add Jaethal to our party [?]).

Again, it can be locked in any case if a) you do not have all the quest items required or b) you have already completed the dungeon after Valley of the Dead (locked out due to the Jaethal requirement set afterwards).

nb : if you have done all the required quests (from the Sisters), and have not done the dungeon after Valley of the Dead, write a support request for sure (not just a bug report).

I am having the same issue. She gets stuck in Kobald caves in Old Sicmore (spelling) by the Kobald area gate…

Update 2.1.0j – August 24, 2020 says it fixed this :
“It was impossible to enter the Valley of the Dead if Jaethal wasn’t in the party. Resolution: fixed.”