Cannot exit Sevalros's Lair *minor spoiler*

I entered cave in gold dragon form
dropped save in case of unavoidable fight
convinced sevalros that they can be saved
unable to exit cave. The button does nothing when clicked.

tried reverting to humanoid form, still unable to leave
tried resting in an attempt to “reset” instance, still unable to leave
loaded save and opted to kill sevalros instead of saving them, still unable to leave


Same thing here, party gathers around the exit when I click the exit door symbol, but nothing else happens.

Does restarting the game or loading an earlier save work for you? I had the same issue with the assassin’s guild in chapter 4, I could not exit their location until I restarted the game and loaded an earlier save.

I loaded a previous save from the overworld, entered lair again, tried to exit immediately, still unable to leave.

I also completed the task in the lair and tried to exit from multiple previous saves I had before entering the lair with no success.

I tried restarting the game too.

What bothers me is that the exit icon is a door and not a compass like most exits to the world.

loaded an even earlier autosave and just explored the map. Teleported to Drezen and went into the citadel. Unable to sleep in bed, as button does nothing but make the clicking sound. Unable to go outside.

I have no problem as long as I do not enter the lair (where my only choice is to cry and reload). I have been able to go to Drezen, sleep, get back to Iz, etc with the same saves that get locked in the lair.

I find this really frustrating as I just cannot continue until this gets fixed.

Status update : encountered the same problem Themoosenugget encountered : Unable to exit from Citadel too.

Also encountered this, unable to exit Sevalros’ Lair, icon is a door and not the usual compass, party gathers around the exit but nothing happens. No amount of reloading or restarting has worked, cannot progress.

Same problem here and it seems to infect every other “leave area” type button, my earlier saves now don’t let me leave areas too. First had the problem in Sevalros’s Lair, it seems to be the source (maybe tell people to stay away from it 'til fixed).

Area exit switched to a compass with 1.0.4d.02 patch and allowed me to get out of this trap.