Cannot attack units on the top right field in army battles. This means I automatically lose any army combat where this field has archers on it


I cannot attack or cast spells on the top most right most unit in an army battle.
If this is an archer unit, it means that the battle is unwinnable.

Does anyone else have this problem?

My icon doesn’t change, but for me that unit can still actually be attacked.

I have this issue but it appears to only be a graphics issue. I will go ahead and click on the square and the archers will hit that square.

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Same, only the icon is bugged, but you can still click.
Or just nuke them with the mage general…

I can confirm this actually still permits me to attack even if the cursor is being a wimp

I can attack with ranged units but not single target offensive spells.

Just like the others, I can still attack when clicking on the enemy. You lose a turn getting up to them with melee sometimes, so I usually stack my range units into 2 separate teams and then focus them on that unit. But yah you should still be able to attack even though the icon doesn’t show.