Cannot access top search/menu/profile anymore


I’ve only been here for a few days. Today I “played” with two features,

  • the discobot tutorial
  • trying to change the theme (most of the yellow-on-yellow icons and text are unreadable)

I selected “Custom graceful”.

Now I have this at the top, and I can’t click on search / profile / 3-bar menu, which is annoying because it means I can’t change my settings anymore:

If I open the page in an anonymous session with the same browser, it’s back to normal. A search hasn’t shown me a solution for this. I disabled AdBlocker to make sure, it’s not helping.

Let me know if there’s an easy way out.

Also, if I can help with the theme to make it more readable, I can easily modify the CSS :slight_smile: I’m talking about these, for instance:



It seems to be a problem with the “Custom graceful” theme. Fortunately I had the profile page in my history, so I could jump back there and change it to “graceful” in the Interface section, which solves the 1st problem.

The “yellow-on-yellow” icons, mostly in the edit form, are still an issue that can be fixed by CSS I believe (, for ex. .d-editor-button-bar, color $tertiary, wherever this is defined?). I don’t know this particular version of forum engine but I can give it a go.


The bug with the “Custom graceful” theme (the first one of the list) is still there, it’s probably best to remove this theme until it’s fixed, so that other users are not stuck (I was lucky I could unlock it).

Anyone else had this problem?