Can you use a Visa Debit card for payemnt?

Trying to get the $114 Beta Package for WotR and this is all I have access to and it does’nt seem to work so far, any help here anyone please?



If i remember well, i think i had to create a PayPal and use my ‘‘visa’’ for PayPal.

It’s been a while so i’m not totally sure…

Thanks Mork, Paypal you now have to have a mobile phone account so looks like I am out of luck

But perhaps an Owlcat teaqm member might see this and maybe consider having Debit an option as well…!!! Or maybe they could have you pay Steam then get into the Beta from there, been watching all the twitch streams and man really bummed I can’t get in!!

I GMed and played the Pen&Paper RPG version via PF I, and still playing King, about 800 hours in so far.

Anyone, any help please?



Purchased with MC card without any problems, but maybe there could be some regional bank restrictions or something like that.

Same answer as Antrix. Used a card with no problem. Maybe Owlcats have changed things, maybe there’s a temporary problem, maybe it’s a regional thing. I live in Europe.

Thanks gang, still no luck with this sadly :frowning: Should I try and switch from a Visa Debit card to a Mastercard one perhaps?

Really wish an Owlcat member might clear this up please :slight_smile:


Hello TRDG, sorry for the late response, it appears your request has been missed. If your problem still persists, please e-mail us at, we’ll do our best to help you.

Hey Starrok

Yep, very late but at least you replied :slight_smile:

So I’ll try the Email you posted and see if that will help.

So far just been watching the Twitch streams in place of playing it, sucks but better than nothing at this point