Can we make a guess about Owlcat's next game here too?

Here is mine:

Heroes of MIght and Magic VIII

(even if your next game is another Pathfinder, think about it, the opportunity exists)

I hope for Pathfinder without Kingmaker.

Näh, there are so many good Adventure Paths I hope they choose one of them instead of using “Pathfinder without Kingmaker” as they next game title.
(Just kidding. I really do not mind even if we get over 20 Pathinder games all from adventure paths, would buy them if they are released when I am still alive and able to play them.)

I could understand if the designers were eager to create their very own thing, but going with an existing AP seems to be the reasonable thing:

  1. You know what was received well (or bad) and you know why.
  2. You build on something that already exists, hence you can improve it. Paizo seems to be helpful here.
  3. You can (somewhat) count on the fans of the APs as potential customers.

Building on a different game, like Heroes of Might and Magic, is of course possible. But if you are not allowed to use the name, it’s way more troublesome to get noticed by its fans. Happens to Pathfinder, too: Since it’s officially not “Dungeons and Dragons”, it’s noticed by significantly less people.

I’d rather Owlcats create something similar to Kingmaker than HoMM :frowning:

I’m with you.

We already know it is an existing AP, the only question is which one.

You all know my guess.

More clue revealed - is the lady with white hair well known character?

The revealed bits feel so tantalizingly familiar, but I’ve not been able to place it yet.

The lady doesn’t quite match the design of any of the Iconic characters, but she could be an NPC from one of the APs I don’t know as well. I kinda doubt that they would show a character that definitely signals a specific AP as one of the earliest reveals.


what are Paizo IP’s?

and this:
maybe that white haired lady is Linnaeus?

The sword thing looks a lot like this to me:

Whoever it is it’s a Gnome. Those Eyebrows are pretty distinctively Gnomish.

Wraith of the righteous seems likely and likely.

A new reveal shows a lightning-bolt shaped sword, which looks practically identical to Korramzadeh’s sword in Wrath of the Righteous, so it seems very likely that’s the new coming AP!

Seelah just got revealed. If teh Iconic Paladin is in game… I’m pretty confident in calling it Wrath.

Assuming that they only use an Iconic who appeared in the art for an AP (as they did with Amiri for Kingmaker), the presence of Seelah narrows the options down to:
Curse of the Crimson Throne
Council of Thieves
Carrion Crown
Wrath of the Righteous
Mummy’s Mask
Tyrant’s Grasp

Based off of the theories and insight that Stratagemini has provided and Seelah’s presence, it seems pretty guaranteed to be Wrath of the Righteous. I’d personally prefer some others, like Curse of the Crimson Throne, but we’ll have the final reveal before the end of the year.

Which D&D edition rules are they going to use for their next game? I know they used 3.5 for kingmaker i think…

Pathfinder Kingmaker did not use D&D 3.5 rules, it used Pathfinder 1st Edition rules (though modified somewhat). My guess is is that they will use the same system for the new game which just got announced will be Wrath of the Righteous