Can someone please replace this forum's UI?

This is one of the worst UIs I’ve seen on an official forum.

Honestly, this UI looks unprofessional, and its “suggestions” are both intrusive and unhelpful:

I can’t search for my own topics to see if there have been replies, but I get a pop-up which covers half of the (too small) text entry instead of appearing over the 80% of the screen space which is NOT where I’m typing. I can’t jump to the bottom of a thread without keyboard jumping to the top and then mouse clicking on the tiny, immobile, margin-abusing thread navigation bar.

Your Account > Preferences > Interface > Themes > Dark theme

You’re welcome.

Thanks for the laugh.

I tried messing with the window size to see if the top bar would start behaving like a top bar but it would not behave.

This forum looks unprofessional.

Please get someone who can fix the UI.

I have seen much much worse (not to name Larian’s horrible forum UI!), but there are actual issues…

Like the full-page search results shows new titles with a color that is practically invisible.

Or the log-in screen you showed is also not great.

Pretty much only some colors cause issues (CSS). I disagree it looks unprofessional in comparison to other game forums.

( the alternative themes Dark and Graceful are not well adapted and have issues. Better to use the Owlcat theme and hope they tweak the colors [CSS: any amateur webmaster can do it].


At least he chose his nickname right :sweat_smile:

@Hubris I suggest you use the Steam forums instead, you’ll be more in your element over there.

It’s not just the colors, it’s the behavior of the elements on the page as well.

For example, the thread-slider on the right might be a bit more useful if it followed the viewport. (I’m assuming it does so on one browser, but the site hasn’t figured out how to make it work in general.)

The post editor is another example of an element which needs attention.

Site searching is barely functional. And so on.

There are indeed amateur sites which look a lot more professional than this one.

The post editor is quite good, actually, so is the search. They’re using the Discourse engine, which is a very good choice.

The only problem is that the Graceful theme needs some attention since the top menu is not accessible by mouse, so everything must be accessed by keyboard shortcuts. There are some colours that need changing too (the icons in the editor are not visible).

Since the dark and Owlcat themes are too straining for the eyes, I don’t understand why they don’t fix that, but it’s not a huge problem once one is used to the shortcuts and the position of the icons.

Show me how to find all of my Bug Report threads, and show me how to see which ones have replies since my last visit.

ALL of the themes need fixing, not just one of them, and the problems extend beyond the themes.

There’s a bot to teach you how to use the forums, I encourage you to use it.

From your profile, you can see all the topics you’ve started, as for the replies, it’s shown directly at the top on the main forum page, or from your profile.