Can I multi-class 17 levels of Paladin with 3 levels of Beast Rider

And have a Paladin riding any animal companion that is one size larger than my character?

I don’t know if the Pathfinder rules allow this. To me they should.

Both Beast Rider and Paladin(Divine Bond) use the class level as the effective druid level, so I shouldn’t need Boon Companion. Both classes allow you to mount your animal companion.

My question is this: what happens if I take a Beast Rider level first, will Divine Bond try to create a second mount when I reach 5 levels of Paladin, or should it just apply the Divine Bond bonuses to the Beast Rider mount?

Does this work in regular Pathfinder?

You will have an option to continue bond with animal companion you already have.

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Have you tried this in the beta? If so, does it work?

I tried with barbarian/cavalier and it worked in beta.

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Can confirm. works as intended:

  • after 3 lvl of beast rider, when switching to paladin, your companion will stay at 3rd level (for the time being)
  • on level 5 paladin you can continue to bond with your existing companion. Without need for boon companion-feat, your companion will increase to lvl 8
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Thank you. That’s good info.

So I guess I better go 4 levels of Cav so my Halfling can ride my leopard. Thank you for that.